BEST Turkey Paragliding

Best Turkey Paragliding

Best Turkey Paragliding in Turkey is a popular activity. The country’s diverse landscapes and warm climate make it an ideal location. Thousands of licensed paragliders flock to Turkey.

Turkey offers stunning scenery for paragliding. Mountainous and coastal landscapes provide perfect take-off spots. Furthermore the warm climate allows for many ideal paragliding days.

There are several reputable schools across Turkey. These schools provide expert instruction and gear for paragliding. Both experienced thrill-seekers and first-time flyers can learn here.

Paragliding is different from parasailing. In paragliding, you use your body weight to control the wing. You can take off from a hill, mountain, or beach.

Once in the air, wind currents can keep you aloft for hours. It’s an exhilarating experience that you’ll never forget. Parasailing, on the other hand, is more like being towed behind a boat.

Fethiye is Turkey’s most popular paragliding location. Situated near the Mediterranean Sea, it offers breathtaking views. The take-off point is at Babadag Mountain, standing at around 2000 meters.

Undoubtedly from here, paragliders can enjoy stunning views of the sea and coastline and they land safely on the beach below. Fethiye is great for both beginners and experienced flyers.

Pamukkale is another popular paragliding destination. The take-off point is located at the top of the infamous White Mountain. From there, you can observe the Cotton Castle, the ruins of the nearby ancient city, and the thermal springs.

A variety of experiences is waiting

Top paragliding tours in Turkey include those offered by Airborne Paragliding, King Paragliding Alanya, and Gravity Tandem Paragliding. Undeniably these tours provide unforgettable paragliding experiences with professional and well-trained instructors.

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Airborne Paragliding has been flying in Ölüdeniz from Babadağ mountain for more than 20 years and they offer high-quality service and have the most professional and experienced team and pilots.

King Paragliding provides unforgettable paragliding experiences in Alanya. Gravity Tandem Paragliding offers extraordinary experiences with thousands of tourists enjoying a bird’s eye view of the Oludeniz beach.

In conclusion, paragliding in Turkey is a thrilling and popular activity. With its diverse landscapes, warm climate, and reputable schools, it’s an ideal location for this sport. Top tours provide unforgettable experiences with professional instructors.

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