BEST New Zealand Skydiving

Best New Zealand Skydiving

Best New Zealand Skydiving is a thrilling experience. It’s a popular adventure sport and locals as well as tourists from around the globe participate. They seek the adrenaline rush it offers.

New Zealand’s natural beauty enhances the experience. The breathtaking landscapes provide a stunning backdrop. It makes the free-fall even more exhilarating.

As the plane reaches altitude, the excitement peaks. The door opens, revealing the world below. The wind rushes in, heart pounding, it’s time to jump.

Skydiving Top spots in New Zealand

Skydiving is popular across the country. However, certain locations stand out. Queenstown, Taupo, and Abel Tasman are top picks. Unquestionably they offer unique skydiving experiences.

Queenstown is known as the ‘Adventure Capital’. It’s a fitting location for skydiving. Undeniably the drop zone offers stunning views of Lake Wakatipu. The Remarkables mountain range is also visible.

Skydiving in Taupo is another great option. It’s home to the largest commercial skydive drop zone. The view of Lake Taupo during the fall is unforgettable.

Abel Tasman offers a coastal skydive experience and is the only skydive drop zone with ocean views. The sight of the national park is a bonus.

Several tour operators offer skydiving experiences. NZone Skydive, Skydive Taupo, and Skydive Abel Tasman are popular. They have experienced instructors and impeccable safety records.

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NZone Skydive in Queenstown is highly rated as they have over 30 years of operating experience. They offer jumps from 9,000, 12,000, and 15,000 feet.

Undoubtedly Skydive Taupo offers a unique experience. A limousine picks up the participants, as the company’s pink plane is a crowd favorite.

Skydive Abel Tasman has the highest tandem skydive and the jump from 20,000 feet is a thrilling experience. The freefall lasts for over 85 seconds.

In conclusion, skydiving in New Zealand is a must-try. The country’s stunning landscapes enhance the experience. Certainly the thrill of the freefall is unmatched. Undoubtedly it’s an adventure that leaves participants with lifelong memories.

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