Yarra Valley: Skydiving Experience

Feel the ultimate adrenaline rush as you skydive over the vineyards of the Yarra Valley falling from 15,000 feet and experiencing an amazing 60 seconds of freefall. Book your Yarra Valley: Skydiving Experience here.

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Experience the Yarra Valley Like Never Before

Book the Yarra Valley: Skydiving Experience in advance! – Imagine seeing the Yarra Valley from an entirely different angle. This is not your typical tour. This is a skydiving adventure.

The Thrill of the Jump

Prepare to jump from an astonishing height of 15,000 feet. The adrenaline rush is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

The Freefall

Experience the thrill of freefalling for up to 60 seconds. You’ll reach incredible speeds of up to 200 km/h.

Safety First

Rest assured, you’re in safe hands. You’ll be accompanied by a friendly instructor and a qualified tandem jumper.

Push Your Boundaries

This is your chance to push your personal boundaries. It’s an opportunity to try something new and exciting.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Step outside your comfort zone. This is more than just a skydive. It’s a chance to see the world from a new perspective.

The Best Views of the Yarra Valley

Get ready for the most unique views over the vineyards of the Yarra Valley. There’s nothing quite like it.

Embrace the Adventure

Embrace the adventure that awaits you. This is not just a skydive, it’s a journey into the unknown.

The Landing

After the exhilarating freefall, you’ll glide back to earth under a parachute, landing safely back on solid ground.

The Memory

This is an experience you’ll never forget. The memory of your skydive over the Yarra Valley will stay with you forever.

The Aftermath

Once you land, the adventure doesn’t end. You’ll be buzzing with adrenaline, a feeling that will last for hours.

The Celebration

After the jump, celebrate your achievement. You’ve done something extraordinary, and that deserves recognition.

The Story

Share your skydiving story with friends and family. They’ll be amazed by your bravery and the incredible views you witnessed.

The Next Adventure

Once you’ve conquered the sky, what’s next? The sky is the limit when it comes to adventure.

The Community

Join the community of thrill-seekers. Share your experiences and learn from others.

The Journey Continues

Your skydiving adventure doesn’t end here. It’s just the beginning of your journey into the world of extreme sports.

Cherish the Experience

Cherish the experience, for it’s not every day you get to soar above the Yarra Valley. This is a moment to remember.

Live the Moment

Yarra Valley: Skydiving Experience: Live the moment, feel the rush, and let the experience change your perspective. Skydiving is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle.

The Future Awaits

The future awaits, full of new adventures and experiences. Who knows where your next skydiving adventure will take you?


Take a moment to reflect on your skydiving experience. It’s a testament to your courage and adventurous spirit.

The Skydiving Family

Welcome to the skydiving family. You’ve joined a group of fearless individuals who embrace life to the fullest.

Looking Forward

As you look forward to your next adventure, remember the thrill of the freefall, the beauty of the Yarra Valley, and the joy of accomplishment.

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