Warsaw: Hot Air Balloon Flight and Tykocin or Narew NP Visit

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Enjoy a hot-air balloon flight over the Narew or Biebrza valleys. Then visit the picturesque town of Tykocin or Narew National Park. Book your Warsaw: Hot Air Balloon Flight and Tykocin or Narew NP Visit here.

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Welcome to the Breathtaking Podlasie

Embark on an unforgettable journey just a 2-hour ride away from the hustle of Warsaw. The scenic drive north-east leads you to the enchanting Podlasie region, laying about 150 kilometers from the capital. Upon arrival, a new adventure awaits as you meet the pilot who will guide you to the majestic balloon. Book the Warsaw: Hot Air Balloon Flight and Tykocin or Narew NP Visit now!

Prepare for Takeoff

As the excitement builds, you’re invited to partake in the pre-flight rituals. Feel the fabric of the balloon as you assist in its inflation, a memorable activity that adds to the anticipation of the flight ahead.

The Flight Experience

Warsaw: Hot Air Balloon Flight and Tykocin or Narew NP Visit – Soar into the sky and choose between two stunning national parks to fly over. Whether it’s the vast wetlands of Biebrzanski or the river-laced landscapes of Narew, your 1-hour flight promises breathtaking views. Witness the beauty of winding rivers, the patchwork of colorful fields, the undisturbed wildlife, and the charm of idyllic villages from above.

Discover the Local Wildlife

As you glide silently above, keep your eyes peeled for the diverse wildlife that calls these parks home. Spot the elusive elk and the graceful storks as they go about their day, unaware of your presence in the sky. It’s a game of hide and seek with nature, offering a thrilling experience for all ages.

Experience the Culture

Post-flight, immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of the region. Visit the small town of Tykocin to marvel at its historic architecture, or continue your natural escapade in the lush surroundings of Narew National Park. Each location has a story to tell, deeply rooted in the heart of Poland.

Savor the Local Flavors

As the adventure winds down, take the opportunity to savor the local cuisine. The Podlasie region is famous for its culinary delights, offering a blend of traditional Polish flavors with a touch of the region’s unique heritage. Tasting the local dishes will provide a delightful end to your excursion.

Reflect on Your Journey

As you journey back to Warsaw, the memories of the day’s experiences will flood your mind. The thrill of the ascent, the peace of the skies, and the cultural richness of Podlasie will leave you with a deep appreciation for this often-overlooked region of Poland. This is not just a trip; it’s an experience that will resonate with you for years to come.

Capture the Moments

Don’t forget to capture the moments with your camera or simply your mind’s eye. The panoramic views from the balloon, the vivid colors of the landscape, and the smiles of newfound friends make for perfect souvenirs that cost nothing but are priceless.

Return to Warsaw

Your day concludes with a serene drive back to Warsaw, where the modern world slowly comes into view. Reflect on the day’s adventures as the city lights greet you, marking the end of a journey that’s sure to linger in your heart and memories.

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  1. Patrick – Germany (verified owner)

    The trip was well organized. In addition to the balloon flight, which was amazing we had a great tour through the national park. All in all we had a wonderful day for a good price.

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