Victoria Panoramic Seaplane Tour

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Experience panoramic bird’s eye views of Victoria harbor by historic seaplane. Explore from the air majestic mountain scenery and picturesque islands. Book your Victoria Panoramic Seaplane Tour here.

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Experience Victoria BC from the Sky

Book the Victoria Panoramic Seaplane Tour in advance! Embark on an adventure in the skies above Victoria BC. Experience the city’s beauty from a seaplane. This tour promises excitement every minute. The thrill of takeoff and the gentle landing on water is an experience in itself. The panoramic view of the city as you ascend is a sight to behold. The city unfolds beneath you, revealing its hidden beauty. The changing landscape, from urban sprawl to natural beauty, is a testament to Victoria’s diversity.

Unforgettable Aerial Views

Prepare for a landscape that will take your breath away. The aerial views are unforgettable. The Panoramic Seaplane Tour of Victoria is a must-see. The city’s landmarks, like the Parliament Buildings and the Empress Hotel, look stunning from above. The cityscape, with its blend of modern and historic architecture, is truly captivating. The bird’s eye view gives you a new perspective on the city. The intricate layout of the streets and buildings is a sight to behold.

Over the Olympic Mountains

The tour will take you over the Olympic Mountains. You will also see the Victoria waterfront. The white sand beaches of James and Sydney Islands are a sight to behold. The contrast of the blue sea against the white sand is mesmerizing. The pristine nature of these islands is a testament to the region’s commitment to conservation. The untouched wilderness is a reminder of the beauty of nature. The tranquility of the islands is a stark contrast to the bustling city.

North to the Saanich Peninsular

From there, the tour heads north. The destination is the Saanich Peninsular. The famous Butchart Gardens are also on the itinerary. The view of the gardens from above, with their vibrant colors and intricate designs, is truly spectacular. The lush greenery and blooming flowers are a feast for the eyes. The gardens are a testament to the art of horticulture. The variety of plants and flowers is a reflection of Victoria’s rich biodiversity.

Return to Victoria Harbor

The tour concludes with a return to Victoria Harbor. This is an experience not to be missed. If your time in Victoria is limited, this tour offers unbeatable photo opportunities. The harbor, with its bustling activity and beautiful boats, is a sight to remember. The sunset view over the harbor is the perfect end to the tour. The city lights twinkling in the dusk create a magical atmosphere. The reflection of the lights on the water adds to the enchanting view.

A Day Out for Aviation Lovers

Victoria Panoramic Seaplane Tour – This is a fantastic day out for aviation lovers. The thrill of flying high above scenic Victoria BC is an experience you will never forget. The seaplane itself is a marvel of engineering, and the pilots are always happy to share their knowledge and passion for flying. The feeling of freedom and exhilaration as you soar above the city is unparalleled. This is more than just a tour, it’s an adventure that will leave you with lasting memories. The joy of flying, combined with the stunning views, makes this a truly unique experience.

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3 reviews for Victoria Panoramic Seaplane Tour

  1. Virginia – Canada (verified owner)

    Amazing. Great start when booking in as there is complimentary coffee nice place to sit warm inside. Staff great, flight superb, beat money spent on trip. Making memories

  2. Yvonne – Britain (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant. Having watched sea planes taking off & landing for a few days, my daughter & I decided we must have a go. Even though neither of us likes flying! Everything about the trip was great & the views were amazing. Quite the hi light of our holiday.

  3. Scott – United States (verified owner)

    We really enjoyed the tour a bunch. It’s been a bucket list of mine, for years, to fly on a sea plane. I’d definitely come back and do it again.

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