Vancouver: Coastal Mountain Helicopter Tour with Landing

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Explore the beautiful Coast Mountains by helicopter. Land in the alpine countryside with incredible views. Take in the sights of stunning waterfalls, snow-capped peaks and alpine lakes. Book your Vancouver: Coastal Mountain Helicopter Tour with One Landing here.

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Embark on a Journey from SKY Hangar

Book the Vancouver: Coastal Mountain Helicopter Tour with Landing in advance! Begin your adventure at the SKY Hangar terminal. This is located at Pitt Meadows Regional Airport. It’s just a few minutes from the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

A One-Hour Tour of Breathtaking Views

During this tour, you’ll spend half an hour in the air. You’ll also have 20 minutes to enjoy the views from your landing spot.

Flight Path Over Natural Beauty

Your flight path will take you up a river. You’ll pass blueberry farms and stunning golf courses. Then, you’ll approach Pitt Lake. This is the second largest lake in Greater Vancouver. It’s also the largest tidal influenced lake in the world.

Experience the Thrill of Flying

Enjoy the thrill of flying up sheer valley cliffs. You’ll see a cascading waterfall from pristine Widgeon Lake. Then, you’ll fly over upper alpine old growth forests and snow-capped mountains.

Discover Historical Treasures

Depending on the time of year, your pilot may point out a WWII era bomber. It’s rumored to contain gold treasure.

Peek at Nature’s Wonders

Get a peek of a mountain peak, alpine lake or glacier creek bed. This depends on the daily conditions.

Land in the Wilderness

Vancouver: Coastal Mountain Helicopter Tour with Landing – Experience a landing in the wilderness. After shutting down, step out of the helicopter. You’ll have 15 minutes of free time to explore.

Breathe in the Mountain Air

Breathe in the crisp mountain air. Take in the incredible panoramic views.

Return Flight Over Fraser Valley

The flight back reveals the fertile Fraser Valley. In the distance, you’ll see views of Vancouver and the Gulf Islands. Then, you’ll land at SKY Hangar again.

Embrace the Adventure

Embrace the adventure that awaits you. This is a journey like no other. It’s a chance to see the world from a new perspective.

Marvel at the Landscape

Marvel at the landscape below. It’s a tapestry of natural beauty. It’s a sight that will leave you in awe.

Feel the Excitement

Feel the excitement as you soar through the sky. The wind in your hair, the sun on your face, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Learn About the Area

Learn about the area from your knowledgeable pilot. They’ll share fascinating facts and stories about the region.

Take Home Memories

Take home memories that will last a lifetime. This is more than just a tour. It’s an experience that will stay with you forever.

Experience the Thrill

Experience the thrill of a helicopter ride. It’s an adventure that’s not to be missed.

End of the Journey

As the journey comes to an end, you’ll land back at SKY Hangar. You’ll take with you memories of a truly unforgettable adventure.

Return to Civilization

As you return to civilization, carry the wilderness in your heart. Remember the sights, the sounds, and the feelings. They are a part of you now.

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18799 Airport Way #170, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2B4, Canada

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British Columbia

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3 reviews for Vancouver: Coastal Mountain Helicopter Tour with Landing

  1. Christine – Canada (verified owner)

    We really enjoyed our helicopter ride. Our pilot landed in a beautiful spot in the mountains and gave us ample time to take pictures and even took our family pictures for us. A great experience.

  2. John – Canada (verified owner)

    Staff was super friendly, helicopter were well maintained and clean. Trip was absolutely breathtaking and the mountain landing was something everyone should experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone and do it again. Worth ever penny.

  3. Olesia – Canada (verified owner)

    I could not go due to the weather, but the staff tried really hard to make the trip happen. Once we figured that there is no way to fly that day, they give us refund with no issues. Very friendly team and welcoming team

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