Ubud: Hot Air Balloon Experience

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Experience Bali’s first and only hot air balloon adventure and witness spectacular views over the lush tropical forests of Ubud to holy Mount Agung on the eastern horizon. Taste local Indonesian food. Book your Ubud: Hot Air Balloon Experience here.

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Ubud’s Exclusive Ballooning Experience

Book the Ubud: Hot Air Balloon Experience now! Discover the Tanah Gajah area of Ubud, a place where nature’s colors bloom with life, and now, behold these wonders from a unique vantage point. The first and only ballooning opportunity on the Island of the Gods awaits you, offering a one-of-a-kind adventure. Ascend in a 23-metre hot air balloon, comfortably designed with a cosy wicker basket, tailored for the eager traveller.

A Flight Among the Stars of Nature

Each flight offers an exhilarating ascent of 50 metres, soaring over Ubud’s sprawling rice fields, secured at the end of a tether. When the sun blesses the day, the views are nothing short of majestic, spanning from Ubud’s lush forests to the sacred peaks of Mount Agung. This breathtaking experience is not to be missed, especially when shared with loved ones in Bali.

Gastronomic Delights in the Sky

Ubud: Hot Air Balloon Experience – To enhance your aerial journey, a delightful breakfast awaits morning passengers, served either before or after the flight. Afternoon adventurers are treated to an array of tea and treats, while evening guests are indulged with a sumptuous three-course Indonesian or Balinese dinner. Note that aside from house pour water, beverages require an additional charge.

Delectable Sunrise Breakfast

Begin your day with a selection from our A la Carte breakfast menu, perfectly complementing the early morning views.

Sunset Afternoon Tea Elegance

Enjoy our premium tea and coffee offerings, paired with a curated selection of savoury delights that blend the best of Eastern and Western flavors.

Indulgent Evening Dinner

Conclude your day with our three-course Indonesian/Balinese dinner, an ideal finale to this unforgettable experience. Beverages other than house pour water are available for an additional charge.

Memorable Moments Above Ubud

As you gently ascend, the reality of Ubud’s charm unfolds beneath you. The tapestry of green hues and textures are a testament to the island’s fertility and the artistry of its farmers. The balloon’s gentle drift offers a serene moment to reflect on the beauty of Bali’s heartland.

Exclusive Aerial Tours

Our ballooning adventure is more than a ride; it’s a curated tour of the skies. Our experienced guides share insights into the landscape’s history, culture, and natural wonders, enriching your experience as you float above the treetops.

Adventure Meets Romance

For those seeking a touch of romance, our twilight flights set the stage for an unforgettable proposal or anniversary celebration. The setting sun casts a golden glow over the landscape, creating a perfect backdrop for life’s special moments.

Safe and Sustainable Flight

Safety is our top priority, ensuring peace of mind as you enjoy the skies. Our commitment to sustainability means every flight respects the delicate balance of Ubud’s ecosystem, preserving its beauty for future generations.

Connect with Nature’s Symphony

Drift in the silence of the morning air and listen to the symphony of nature waking up below. From the subtle rustle of the leaves to the distant chirping of the birds, the sounds of Ubud’s awakening are as captivating as its sights.

Elevated Experiences for Every Traveller

No matter the occasion, our balloon flights provide an elevated experience for every traveller. Whether it’s a family adventure, a solo journey of reflection, or a couple’s retreat, we tailor the experience to suit your desires.

Post-Flight Celebrations

After landing, the celebration continues. Guests are invited to share their stories and photos over a complimentary refreshment, making new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Capturing the Moment

Our team is always ready to capture your picture-perfect moments. With the breathtaking vistas of Ubud as your backdrop, these photographs will be treasured souvenirs of your journey above the clouds.

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3 reviews for Ubud: Hot Air Balloon Experience

  1. Garreth – Australia (verified owner)

    This experience is really special and the scenery was amazing! I would say that they need to advertise that the balloon is tethered to the ground so you wont be moving much, but still worth it!

  2. Stéphane – France (verified owner)

    Juste incroyable !!!! L’endroit je n’y croyais pas!!! Hôtel super luxe,personnel extraordinaire !!!je ne savais pas qu’il y avait un petit déjeuner inclus!!!! Petit déjeuner de luxe!!!!! Merci mille fois. Inclus aussi une photo avec photographe Vraiment tout était parfait

  3. Victoria – United States (verified owner)

    This was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had! The hot air balloon is actually in a 5 star luxury resort called Tanah Gajah (use that for google maps) We arrived at 6:30am but they were still setting up so they gave us fresh juice and coffee. There was also a photographer on site that will take great pictures of you in the air (1 free pic but you can pay for more). The balloon is still anchored to the ground as you go up so you’re not moving far away from the take off spot. After, there is a luxurious breakfast overlooking the fields and rice terraces after you come down. Overall 10000/10 it was so worth waking up early for!

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