Ticket for Angkor Balloon Ride

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Tethered Helium Balloon
A 120 meters height flight attached to the ground 800 meters from Angkor Wat. Book your Ticket for Angkor Balloon Ride. here.

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Discover Angkor from Above

The Angkor Balloon stands out as a unique attraction. Operated by the renowned French company Aérophile, it offers an unparalleled experience. Imagine floating up, tethered by helium, a mere 800 meters from the majestic Angkor Wat. This is not just any balloon ride. It’s the only one that takes you so close to the world’s largest temple complex. So, get ready to soar. Embrace the sky. Witness the grandeur of ancient architecture from a perspective few ever will. The Angkor Balloon awaits to take you on this once-in-a-lifetime journey above the clouds. Book the Ticket for Angkor Balloon Ride now!

A Journey to Remember

As you gently ascend, the bustling world below fades into a tranquil panorama. The balloon’s ascent brings a calming silence, punctuated only by the occasional hiss of the helium. Below you, the temple of Angkor Wat, a symbol of Cambodia’s rich history, reveals its intricate design. The surrounding forest canopy paints a lush backdrop, making this spectacle a photographer’s dream. This balloon ride is not just an excursion; it’s an elevation into history itself.

Unmatched Perspectives

Ticket for Angkor Balloon Ride – From the secure vantage point of the Angkor Balloon, you are privy to views that remain etched in memory. The horizon stretches far and wide, offering a 360-degree canvas of the Khmer empire’s heartland. As the sun casts its golden hues, the stones of the temple complex glow as if reliving their glory days. Each moment in the air is a story—a narrative of civilization, nature, and the art of flight. This experience, provided by Aérophile’s expertly crafted balloon, is as close to a bird’s flight as one can get without wings.

The Essence of Adventure

Adventure seekers and history buffs alike find common ground in the Angkor Balloon experience. It’s a serene escape, a way to disconnect from the world’s pace and soar amongst the echoes of the past. The balloon’s tether, a symbol of security, allows your spirit to venture boldly. The sky above Angkor is not just a space—it’s a canvas, where nature and history blend in a dance of beauty and awe.

Sustainable Sightseeing

With a commitment to preservation and sustainability, the Angkor Balloon presents an eco-friendly way to appreciate the vastness of this historical site. There’s no engine hum or fuel emissions to disrupt the peace or harm the environment. It’s a quiet homage to the power of wind and the ingenuity of human engineering. This helium-balloon experience respects the sanctity of the site, ensuring that it remains untouched for future generations to enjoy.

Cultural Immersion from the Skies

The flight aboard the Angkor Balloon is more than a scenic trip; it is a cultural immersion. As you hover above, the stories of the ancient Khmer civilization come to life. The temple spires are not just stone; they are the aspirations of a people reaching for the heavens. This aerial journey is a tribute to their ingenuity, a floating museum above the treetops. It’s a bridge between eras, connecting the modern traveler to ancestral dreams.

Embracing Tranquility

In the quietude high above Angkor, the modern world’s clamor is replaced by a profound serenity. Passengers aboard the balloon are often moved by the stillness, the soft contours of the landscape creating a meditative space. The gentle sway of the balloon encourages introspection and a reconnection with the self. In this space, travelers find a moment of peace, a rare luxury in the rush of today’s life.

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3 reviews for Ticket for Angkor Balloon Ride

  1. Lucas – Norway (verified owner)

    Great view of Siem Reap and Angkor temple! It’s great that there’s this option to see the city from a bird view angle! Beautiful scenery! It lasted very short, that’s the only thing. It felt quite private, as we were just 5 people total in the balloon.

  2. Fabiana – Italy (verified owner)

    It’s not really a hot air balloon ride. It’s a balloon attached to a rope that goes up. Also, the lady told us that the sunset ride we had booked was full. It wasn’t full, she just wanted us to go up beforehand in case other people wanted to buy the sunset tour. A little sketchy. Transport is not included in the price. It lasts around 7-8 mins so it’s quite expensive.

  3. Karen – Malta (verified owner)

    Mr John was very nice, he offered me breakfast after arrival and was very kind doing pictures of myself the whole time. He talked very friendly and gave good explanations of the architecture of Ankor Watt. Great Guide

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