Side: Rafting Zipline Jeep Buggy & Quad Tour with Lunch

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Go rafting in the rapids, glide over a river on a zipline, and choose between a quad, buggy, or jeep tour in Köprülü Canyon National Park. Take a break and eat lunch by the river surrounded by nature. Book your Side: Rafting Zipline Jeep Buggy & Quad Tour with Lunch here.

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Adventure at Köprülü Canyon National Park

Book the Side: Rafting Zipline Jeep Buggy & Quad Tour with Lunch and embark on an adventure at the Köprülü Canyon National Park. Experience rafting, ziplining, quad biking, buggy safari, and jeep safari.

Rafting and Swimming

Ride the rapids on a raft. Take a dip in the river. Rest and refuel with a meal.

Zipline, Buggy Safari, Quad Ride, and Jeep Safari

Soar across the river on a zipline. Choose from a buggy safari, quad ride, or jeep safari.

Customize Your Adventure

Select your preferred activities. Get picked up at your hotel or head to the meeting point.

Rafting Track and Swimming

Experience body rafting on a 14 km track with 10 rapids. Swim in the water if you wish.

Zipline Ride and Lunch

Enjoy a thrilling zipline ride across the river. Savor a lunch of salad, chicken, and rice.

Buggy Safari and Quad Ride

If you opt for the buggy safari, navigate a muddy mountain trail. Alternatively, ride a quad bike in the wilderness.

Jeep Safari

If you choose the jeep safari, drive through rocky and muddy mountain paths. Capture memorable photos and videos of your adventure.

End of Adventure

Conclude the Side: Rafting Zipline Jeep Buggy & Quad Tour with Lunch at the starting point or get dropped off at your hotel.

Additional Activities

Explore additional activities such as bird watching, nature walks, and camping. Discover the rich biodiversity of the park.

Experience Local Culture

Experience the local culture and cuisine. Visit nearby villages and interact with the locals.

Sustainable Tourism

Participate in sustainable tourism practices. Respect the environment and local communities during your visit.

Wildlife Spotting

Spot the diverse wildlife in the park. Keep an eye out for rare bird species and other animals.

Nature Photography

Bring your camera for some stunning nature photography. Capture the beauty of the park in different seasons.


Stay overnight for a stargazing experience. Marvel at the clear night sky away from city lights.

Adventure Gear

Ensure to carry the right gear for your adventure. Safety is paramount.

Guided Tours

Opt for guided tours for a more enriching experience. Learn about the park’s history and ecology from expert guides.

Conservation Efforts

Learn about the park’s conservation efforts. Understand how you can contribute to preserving this natural wonder.

Seasonal Activities

Discover seasonal activities offered at the park. Enjoy the changing landscapes throughout the year.

Family Fun

Bring your family for a fun-filled day. There’s something for everyone at the park.


Find tranquil spots to relax and rejuvenate amidst nature. Let the serene environment calm your senses.

Outdoor Sports

Engage in outdoor sports for a healthy and fun experience. Try rock climbing or mountain biking.

Education and Research

Participate in educational programs and research initiatives. Gain knowledge about the ecosystem and its conservation.

Community Involvement

Get involved in community activities. Contribute to the local economy by purchasing local products.

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Bozyaka, 07550 Manavgat/Antalya, Türkiye

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Antalya (Province)

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3 reviews for Side: Rafting Zipline Jeep Buggy & Quad Tour with Lunch

  1. Anna – Britain (verified owner)

    Would definitely recommend, great day out!! Would give 6 stars if possible!! 🙂

  2. Samira – Britain (verified owner)

    The best day ever!! The 10 of us had an amazing time during all our activities and our guide for the whole day was a delight. He shared jokes and experiences and made the whole experience absolutely the best! Shoutout to our tour guide Mahir!

  3. Zara – Britain (verified owner)

    Couldn’t have asked for better value for money. All the guides were fantastic but especially Muke, our rafting guide, he made it extremely fun and just a genuinely brilliant day. All the guides were a lot of fun and made the day very easy. Facilities were also very good with toilets, showers changing rooms etc. Can not recommend this more to anyone staying in/near Antalya!

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