Segovia: Hot-Air Balloon Flight with Optional 3-Course Lunch

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Admire the medieval city of Segovia from above on a hot air balloon adventure. See the historic landmarks, celebrate the landing with a glass of cava, and if you choose to, enjoy a 3-course lunch. Book your Segovia: Hot-Air Balloon Flight with Optional 3-Course Lunch here.

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Embark on an Aerial Journey Over Segovia

Imagine floating above a city that whispers tales of the medieval era with every brick and street. That’s what awaits in Segovia, a tapestry of history certified by UNESCO. From the comfort of a balloon, the Roman aqueduct stands proud, a testament to ancient ingenuity. The Gothic cathedral, a spire of devotion, reaches for the heavens. And the Alcazar, a fortress of stories, perches on its throne of rock. But this is more than a flight; it’s a celebration, marked with a glass of cava, clinking to the memories made above the clouds. As the balloon drifts gently on the breeze, it offers a moment of peace, a rare chance to stand still above the moving world. Book the Segovia: Hot-Air Balloon Flight with Optional 3-Course Lunch in advance!

Preparing for Takeoff

Segovia: Hot-Air Balloon Flight with Optional 3-Course Lunch – Your adventure begins with a journey to the launch site, a prelude to the magic. There, safety is paramount as you step into the basket. Then, the world shrinks away as you rise, the cathedral greeting you from its lofty perch. The Alcazar looms, a reminder of the medieval might and majesty. And the aqueduct, a ribbon of history, stretches across the land, as if holding the past and present together. As the balloon ascends, the horizon widens, offering a panorama that stitches the tapestry of the landscape into your memories. The wind whispers secrets of the city, each gust a storyteller recounting Segovia’s timeless saga.

From Landing to Celebration

With your feet back on terra firma, the celebration ensues—a toast with sparkling cava, effervescent as the joy of flight. In your hands, a certificate, the flight immortalized by the pilot’s signature. It’s not just a piece of paper; it’s a banner of your bravery against the gravity that once held humanity bound. The ground crew welcomes you back with smiles as warm as the Spanish sun, making this moment not just a landing but a return to the embrace of earth. The cheers and congratulations from onlookers add to the festive atmosphere, cementing this experience in your heart.

Savoring Segovia

Choose your post-flight experience to extend the enchantment. Will it be just the flight, or will you indulge in a Segovian feast? If the latter tempts, El Fogón Sephardí awaits, a culinary stage set for a three-act gastronomic play. Your palate will embark on its own journey, starting with beans from La Granja or a soothing Castilian soup. The second act presents a choice between tradition and the sea—baked suckling pig or diced salmon. And for the finale, the Ponche Segoviano, a dessert that is not just food, but a slice of Segovia itself. To dine here is to weave the flavors of the land into your own story, a story that began in the skies above. With every bite, you savor not just the taste but the spirit of Segovia, making your adventure a full sensory immersion into the heart of Spain.

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3 reviews for Segovia: Hot-Air Balloon Flight with Optional 3-Course Lunch

  1. Francisco Manuel – Spain (verified owner)

    Experiencia divertida y gratificante. Manuel es genial como piloto y el resto del equipo es muy agradable y servicial.

  2. Tashayla – United States (verified owner)

    It was wonderful. I met wonderful people, the host was incredible & helpful.

  3. Jon – United States (verified owner)

    Wonderful and Magical Experience! Our balloon crew and Captain were top notch professionals! The flight was breathtaking and the weather worked out to have a sunny view of the countryside and sites. The video produced was stellar!

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