Reykjavik: Panoramic Helicopter Flight with Summit Landing

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Enjoy bird’s eye views of Reykjavik on a 30 to 45-minute helicopter flight. Land on a mountain summit for some spectacular views of the city, and hover over some of the landmark attractions such as the Harpa Concert Hall and Hallgríms Church. Book your Reykjavik: Panoramic Helicopter Flight with Summit Landing here.

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Experience Reykjavik from a unique vantage point on a helicopter tour. The Reykjavik: Panoramic Helicopter Flight with Summit Landing offers unparalleled city views and a mountain summit landing.

Starting the Journey

Begin at Reykjavik Domestic Airport, conveniently located just five minutes from the city center. Here, your helicopter awaits.

Over the City

As you ascend, marvel at Reykjavik’s landmarks from above. Spot Hallgríms Church and the Harpa Concert Hall nestled in the harbor.

A Different Perspective

Observe the city’s vibrant rooftops and the residence of the Icelandic president. The cityscape gradually gives way to the stunning surrounding landscape.

The Mountain Summit

Land atop a nearby mountain. This provides a unique opportunity for photos, perhaps even a selfie with Reykjavik as your backdrop.

Exploring the Landscape

As you hover over the city, the landscape transforms. The urban sprawl is replaced by nature’s grandeur. Mountains, rivers, and valleys stretch out beneath you.

Mountain Landing

The helicopter lands on a mountain peak. The city shrinks to a miniature version of itself, offering a unique perspective. The panoramic view is breathtaking.

Memorable Moments

Take advantage of this moment to capture unforgettable photos. The entire city of Reykjavik serves as your backdrop, creating a perfect setting for a memorable selfie.

Return Journey

As the Reykjavik: Panoramic Helicopter Flight with Summit Landing concludes, the helicopter takes off from the mountain, offering one last sweeping view of the city before returning to the airport.

Immersive Experience

Feel the thrill as the helicopter ascends, offering a bird’s eye view of the city. The hustle and bustle of Reykjavik fades into the distance, replaced by the serene beauty of nature.

Nature’s Grandeur

Marvel at the stunning contrast between the urban landscape and the untouched wilderness. The juxtaposition is a reminder of Iceland’s diverse beauty.

Unforgettable Views

From the mountain summit, the panoramic view of Reykjavik is unparalleled. The city’s landmarks, nestled among the vibrant rooftops, are a sight to behold.

Cherishing the Moment

Take a moment to soak in the experience. The tranquility of the mountain, the sprawling city below, and the vast sky above create a moment worth cherishing.

Embracing the Adventure

As the helicopter takes off, feel the adrenaline rush. The cityscape of Reykjavik unfolds beneath you, offering a unique perspective that few get to experience.

City Meets Nature

Witness the seamless blend of urban life and natural beauty. The city’s vibrant rooftops give way to the pristine wilderness, showcasing the diversity of Iceland’s landscape.

Mountain Top Landing

The helicopter lands on a mountain peak. From here, the view is nothing short of spectacular. The city seems almost miniature from this height.

Creating Memories

Take this opportunity to capture the moment. With the city of Reykjavik as your backdrop, your photos will be a reminder of this unforgettable journey.

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3 reviews for Reykjavik: Panoramic Helicopter Flight with Summit Landing

  1. Susana – United States (verified owner)

    It was so cool! When we landed on the mountain the views were incredible! Definitely add this to your bucket list!

  2. Amanda – Britain (verified owner)

    Loved it. The pilot introduced himself to the group and explained the trip and what he would be doing. The helicopter was amazing and the weather was perfect. We landed on the mountain and were out for around 15mins to take pictures.

  3. Valerie – United States (verified owner)

    This was a great experience on a clear day! Most of the trip is walking around the summit not flying so dress warmly! Our pilot was very patient and attentive.

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