Prague: Žižkov TV Tower Observatory Entry Ticket

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See Prague from a different vantage point with an entry ticket to the Žižkov TV Tower Observatory. Marvel at views of the city from 93 meters above the ground and visit 3 different observation cabins. Book your Prague: Žižkov TV Tower Observatory Entry Ticket here.

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Experience the Žižkov Television Tower

Prague: Žižkov TV Tower Observatory Entry Ticket: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Prague’s skyline. Ascend nearly 100 meters with a ticket to the Žižkov Television Tower Observatory.

Marvel at the cityscape from this unique vantage point. Learn about the World Federation of Great Towers. Visit an art exhibition. Unwind in a bubble chair.

Explore the Observation Cabins

Visit the Žižkov Television Tower. It towers above the city. Travel to the fourth floor. Take your time exploring the themed observation cabins. Each offers a unique city view.

Discover the World Federation of Great Towers

Start with an introduction to the World Federation of Great Towers. Discover the world’s most famous towers and observation decks. Then, proceed to cabin 2. Take a seat in an unusual bubble chair.

Relax and Listen

Relax and listen to the sounds of the streets below. The sounds are played through the chair’s integrated speaker.

Enjoy Art Exhibitions

Finally, visit the third cabin. Take in an art exhibition. This space showcases works by Czech artists. Paintings, photographs, and other works are on display. Exhibitions change regularly.

Additional Features

The tower also offers a unique dining experience. Enjoy a meal at the tower’s restaurant while taking in the panoramic views of the city.

For those interested in history, the tower’s museum provides a glimpse into the past. Learn about the tower’s construction and its significance in Prague’s history.

Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop. Take home a souvenir to remember your visit to the Žižkov Television Tower.

More to Explore

For the adventurous, the tower offers a thrilling climb. Challenge yourself and ascend the tower’s stairs. The reward is an even more breathtaking view.

For families, the tower offers a fun and educational experience. Interactive exhibits engage children and adults alike. Learn about broadcasting and telecommunications in a fun way.

Before you leave, make sure to capture the moment. The tower offers numerous photo opportunities. Capture the stunning cityscape as a memory of your visit.

End Your Visit

Get your Prague: Žižkov TV Tower Observatory Entry Ticket online! –  As your visit comes to an end, reflect on the unique experience. The Žižkov Television Tower is more than just a tower. It’s a symbol of Prague’s spirit and resilience.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the tower offers something for everyone. It’s a must-visit destination when in Prague.

So, come and explore the Žižkov Television Tower. Experience the magic of Prague from a new perspective.

Remember the Experience

As you descend from the tower, carry with you the memories of the panoramic views. The Žižkov Television Tower is not just a visit, it’s an experience.

Every corner of the tower has a story to tell. From its construction to its current status as a tourist attraction, the tower is a testament to Prague’s progress.

So, when you think of Prague, remember the Žižkov Television Tower. It’s not just a structure, but a symbol of the city’s enduring charm.

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Address Information

Mahlerovy sady 1, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov, Czechia

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Central Bohemian Region

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Czech Republic

3 reviews for Prague: Žižkov TV Tower Observatory Entry Ticket

  1. Jose – United States (verified owner)

    Excelent food and service. Great views of Prague!

  2. Ionut – Romania (verified owner)

    It was a good experience and I would recommend it. The views are really nice but I visited it in the winter and the windows were all foggy. Also, the restaurant was fully booked and we couldn’t get a table. You should definitely try booking in advance if you want to eat there.

  3. Julie – Britain (verified owner)

    Really good & very interesting & the views were amazing. Loved having a drink in the bar afterwards.

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