Portland: Downtown Helicopter Tour with Narration

Soar high above Portland on a helicopter tour of Rose City. Take off from a rooftop helipad in Downtown Portland, and see all the important sights from Waterfront Park to the historical White Stag sign. Book your Portland: Downtown Helicopter Tour with Narration here.

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Experience Portland’s Skyline

Embark on a 15-minute helicopter ride over Rose City. Witness Portland’s unique skyline from above. See iconic sights as you sail over the Willamette River. Feel the thrill as you soar above the city, taking in the breathtaking views. The cityscape unfolds beneath you, revealing a panorama that is both intimate and grand. The skyline of Portland is a testament to its vibrant culture and dynamic growth. It’s a sight that will captivate your senses and ignite your imagination. Book the Portland: Downtown Helicopter Tour with Narration in advance!

Historical Landmarks

Pass by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Come face-to-face with the historical White Stag sign. A tour that takes off right from the heart of Downtown Portland. Discover the rich history and culture of the city from a unique perspective. Each landmark tells a story, adding depth to your understanding of Portland. These landmarks are the pillars of the city’s past, present, and future. They stand as silent witnesses to the city’s evolution, each one a chapter in the story of Portland.

City Circuit

Rise among the buildings and bridges. Make a grand 15-mile circuit of the city. Take in the Willamette River, The West Hills, and Forest Park. Experience the city’s architectural marvels and natural beauty in one sweeping view. The city circuit is a testament to Portland’s diverse landscape and urban design. It’s a journey through the city’s heart, soul, and spirit. It’s a voyage that encapsulates the essence of Portland, showcasing its many facets and colors.

Natural Beauty

See the Tualatin Valley and the downtown core area. Marvel at the St. Johns Bridge and more. From start to finish, it’s a unique and thrilling experience. Witness the city’s lush greenery and vibrant urban life seamlessly blending together. The natural beauty of Portland is a sight to behold, offering a serene backdrop to the bustling city. It’s a city where nature and urban life coexist in harmony. It’s a testament to Portland’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty amidst urban development.

Portland’s Pride

Portland has much to show off. A stunning natural setting, huge forested parks, hills, valleys, rivers, and a beautiful skyline. This popular tour is a great way to take in what makes Portland so unique and special. Experience the city’s charm and character in all its glory. Portland’s pride is evident in every corner, from its natural wonders to its architectural feats. It’s a city that embraces its uniqueness and diversity. It’s a city that takes pride in its heritage and looks forward to the future with optimism and enthusiasm.

Lasting Impressions

Portland: Downtown Helicopter Tour with Narration – The sights you see will leave an impression long after you land back downtown. An amazing view of Portland’s famous sites awaits you. From skyscrapers to sports venues, from forests to bridges, this is a favorite route of locals and visitors alike. Create memories that will last a lifetime with this unforgettable tour. The lasting impressions of this tour will surely make you want to come back for more. It’s an experience that captures the essence of Portland, leaving you with a sense of awe and admiration. It’s a journey that will touch your heart and stir your soul, leaving you with a deeper appreciation for the city of Portland.

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