Paragliding Tandem Flight in Interlaken

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Imagine flying like a bird in Switzerland’s glorious Jungfrau Region with emerald lakes below, verdant hillsides all around and a backdrop of the awe-inspiring Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau Mountains. Don’t miss the paragliding tandem flight in Interlaken. Book your Paragliding Tandem Flight in Interlaken here.

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Start of Your Adventure

Book the Paragliding Tandem Flight in Interlaken in advance! Your journey begins at the Höhenmatte landing field in Interlaken. This is where you will be picked up. The excitement starts to build as you anticipate the adventure ahead. The thrill of the unknown adds to the anticipation. You can feel the adrenaline rush as you prepare for the journey. The adventure of a lifetime is about to begin.

The Transfer

At the meeting point, you board the transfer. A 20-minute van ride brings you near the takeoff area. The ride itself is a scenic treat, offering glimpses of the beautiful Swiss countryside. The journey is as much a part of the experience as the flight itself. The picturesque landscape is a sight to behold. The ride is comfortable and relaxing, setting the tone for the day.

The Walk

From there, an 8-minute walk awaits. This walk offers stunning views of the Swiss Alps. The crisp mountain air and the panoramic views make this short walk a memorable experience. Every step brings you closer to your flight. The beauty of the surroundings is captivating. The walk is invigorating, adding to the sense of adventure.

Arrival at Takeoff Area

You then reach the takeoff area. Here, you receive all necessary instructions for your first paragliding tandem flight. The anticipation grows as you prepare for the flight. The safety briefing ensures you feel confident and ready. The excitement is palpable as you gear up for the flight. The takeoff area is well-maintained and safe, ensuring a smooth takeoff.

Our Pilots

All our pilots are certified by the SHV (Swiss Hang Gliding Association). They have many years of experience. Their expertise and friendly demeanor will put you at ease. They are committed to making your flight a memorable one. Their professionalism and skill are reassuring. They guide you through the process, ensuring you feel comfortable and safe.

The Flight

Paragliding Tandem Flight in Interlaken – The flight takes off from the charming town of Beatenberg. You and your pilot will enjoy a 12-20 minute flight. The feeling of soaring through the sky is indescribable. The breathtaking views of the Swiss landscape will leave you in awe. The exhilaration of the flight is unmatched. The freedom of flying is an experience like no other.


The flight ends with a smooth landing in the center of Interlaken, on the beautiful Höhematte. The thrill of the flight is complemented by the beauty of the landing spot. The sense of accomplishment is overwhelming. The landing is as smooth as the takeoff. The landing area is spacious and safe, ensuring a comfortable landing.


Your pilot will show you all pictures and videos. You can decide if you want to purchase them. These mementos will help you remember this incredible experience. They are a perfect way to share your adventure with others. The images and videos capture the essence of the experience. They are a testament to your courage and adventurous spirit.

File Transfer

The files can be transferred to your phone or a USB stick. This way, you can easily share your adventure with friends and family. The memories of this day will stay with you forever. The digital keepsakes are a great way to relive the experience. They are a reminder of the thrilling adventure you embarked on.

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Höheweg 43, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

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3 reviews for Paragliding Tandem Flight in Interlaken

  1. Sam – United States (verified owner)

    Awesome experience! If you’re looking for a little extra excitement Lucas was an excellent pilot. Lots of fun maneuvers!

  2. Harmony – Australia (verified owner)

    Amazing experience, one I will never forget! Claude was an amazing guide and made me feel really safe.

  3. Kofii – Britain (verified owner)

    I would strongly recommend. The guides were really informative and helpful – paired with the activity made for great experience!

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