Paragliding Flight with a professional pilot

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Discover Lanzarote’s volcanic landscapes from the sky together with a professional paragliding pilot. You will enjoy gliding in silence among the birds, surfing the winds above the ocean. Book your Paragliding Flight with a professional pilot here.

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Start of the Adventure

Book the Paragliding Flight with a professional pilot in advance! The journey begins with a 10-minute hike with the team. The take-off site is your destination. Here, safety instructions are provided by your guides. They answer any questions about the glide. You then get ready to take off with a professional pilot. You’ll be under a tandem paraglider. This is a vertigo-free takeoff, not a jump.

Preparation and Anticipation

As you prepare for takeoff, the anticipation builds. The wind rustles through the paraglider above you. You feel the harness secure around you. The world seems to hold its breath as you prepare to launch.

The Flight

You’ll gain an altitude of between 150 to 800 meters and you will cruise above the ocean for about 20 or 40 minutes. This depends on the chosen option. From the safety of a harness seat, you can enjoy the views. You’ll see the islands and the volcanoes.

The Beauty of Flight

The beauty of flight is unparalleled. The world below looks like a patchwork quilt of colors and textures. The feeling of freedom is intoxicating. It’s a moment of peace and exhilaration.

Steering and Thrills

When possible, you can try steering the glider yourself. You can also try some thrilling wingovers or spiraling sensations. The pilot will capture photos and a short video of your flight. This is done with an action camera.

Adrenaline and Excitement

The adrenaline rush from steering the glider is incredible. The wingovers and spirals add an extra layer of excitement. It’s a thrilling experience that you’ll never forget.

Conclusion of the Tour

Paragliding Flight with a professional pilot: Your tour will conclude as you descend gradually and land softly. A few hours after the flight, you will receive a link. This link allows you to download your photos and videos.

Reflection and Memories

As you reflect on the experience, you’ll have the photos and videos to look back on. They’ll serve as a reminder of the incredible adventure you had. It’s an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Sharing the Experience

Sharing your experience with friends and family is part of the adventure. The photos and videos you receive will help you do just that. They’ll be amazed at your courage and the breathtaking views you witnessed.

Looking Forward

Once you’ve experienced the thrill of paragliding, you may find yourself eager to do it again. The memories of soaring above the earth, the freedom, and the exhilaration will draw you back. It’s an adventure that’s hard to beat.

Embracing the Future

As you embrace the future, the thrill of paragliding will always be a part of you. It’s an experience that shapes you, that changes your perspective. It’s an adventure that opens up new possibilities.

Cherishing the Moment

Every moment of the paragliding experience is to be cherished. From the anticipation of takeoff to the thrill of flight, every second is precious. It’s an adventure that leaves a lasting impression.

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3 reviews for Paragliding Flight with a professional pilot

  1. Dorine – France (verified owner)

    Une très belle activité, je recommande à 100%. Les paysages vu du ciels sont magnifiques et toute l’équipe est adorable.

  2. Lena – Germany (verified owner)

    I fully recommend this activity and organisation to everybody. The Famaraiso Team was very friendly and fast in the communication and information. The whole experience was great and I felt totally safe. In case you struggle to decide if you should book this or not, this is your sign to book your own magical flight over the beautiful Lanzarote island. Thanks a lot to Robert Lena

  3. Charlotte – France (verified owner)

    Super expérience ! Je recommande à 300%

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