Page: Horseshoe Bend Air & Tower Butte Helicopter Landing

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Take off on a 45-minute helicopter experience with views of Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, and Horseshoe Bend before landing on Tower Butte. Take in 360-degree views of your surroundings on this massive rock formation. Book your Page: Horseshoe Bend Air and Tower Butte Helicopter Landing here.

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Experience Horseshoe Bend from Above

Book the Page: Horseshoe Bend Air & Tower Butte Helicopter Landing in advance! Embark on a scenic helicopter flight from Page. Witness the stunning views of Horseshoe Bend from the air. This is an exclusive experience with a landing at Tower Butte.

Communicate with the Pilot

Enjoy the pilot-to-passenger headset communication. Listen to the running commentary of the sights. These include Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, and Horseshoe Bend.

Board the EC130 Helicopter

After a brief introduction at the take-off site, board the EC130 helicopter. Prepare for take-off and soar over the beautiful rugged landscapes of Arizona.

Admire Natural Landmarks

Your pilot provides commentary about the natural landmarks in the area. Admire the sight of Horseshoe Bend and the mighty Colorado River below.

Landing on Tower Butte

Prepare for landing on top of Tower Butte. This is a perfect vantage point rising 5000 feet above sea level.

Stand on a Notable Landmark

Stand on top of one of the Southwest’s most notable landmarks. This is a feat rarely experienced by many.

Enjoy Panoramic Views

From the summit, enjoy the sweeping panoramic views of Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, Padre Bay, the Grand Staircase Escalante, and the LeChee Rock.

Unique Photo Opportunities

Spend 15-20 minutes on Tower Butte for unique photo opportunities. Then, return to the air terminal.

Experience the Thrill of Flight

Page: Horseshoe Bend Air & Tower Butte Helicopter Landing – Feel the thrill as the helicopter lifts off the ground. The world below starts to shrink as you ascend into the sky.

Marvel at the Rugged Landscapes

Marvel at the rugged landscapes of Arizona. The red rocks, deep canyons, and vast desert stretch out beneath you.

Learn About the Region’s History

Learn about the region’s rich history and geology from your knowledgeable pilot. Gain insights into the formation of these natural wonders.

Witness the Power of Nature

Witness the power of nature as you fly over the Colorado River. See how it has carved its path through the landscape over millions of years.

Take in the Serenity of Lake Powell

Take in the serenity of Lake Powell. Its blue waters contrast beautifully with the surrounding red rocks.

Remember the Experience

Remember this unique experience. Take home memories and photos that will last a lifetime.

Feel the Adrenaline Rush

Experience the adrenaline rush as the helicopter maneuvers through the sky. The wind rushes past, adding to the excitement of the journey.

Discover Tower Butte’s Majesty

Discover the majesty of Tower Butte. Its imposing presence is a testament to the forces of nature and time.

Appreciate the Silence

Appreciate the silence atop Tower Butte. It’s a peaceful contrast to the hum of the helicopter’s engine.

Spot Wildlife from Above

Spot wildlife from above. Keep an eye out for eagles soaring in the sky or deer grazing in the canyons.

Reflect on the Journey

Reflect on the journey as you return to the air terminal. The experience leaves you with a deeper appreciation for nature’s grandeur.

Plan Your Next Adventure

As the adventure concludes, start planning your next. The beauty of the Southwest leaves you yearning for more.

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3 reviews for Page: Horseshoe Bend Air & Tower Butte Helicopter Landing

  1. Anonymous – United States (verified owner)

    Christian was a fantastic pilot who provided outstanding service and made us feel extremely safe during our flight. He answered all our questions during our pre-flight brief and explained our route of flight and gave us plenty of wonderful opportunities for action photos and video. I would highly recommend this company for anyone visiting Page Arizona.

  2. Zoe – United States (verified owner)

    Horseshoe bend helicopter tour was wonderful. Seeing Arizona from a different view and landing on the butte was exceptional. The staff was friendly and welcoming.

  3. Anonymous – United States (verified owner)

    This was THE highlight of pur family spring break trip! The Tower Butte landing experience was absolutely worth the extra expense. Our pilot, Cameron, was very skilled and an excellent guide. Gliding along the winding Colorado River canyons felt like we were with Aladdin on a magic carpet ride and walking on the butte, where so few have tread in our lifetime, felt truly monumental.

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