Otavalo: Sunrise Hot-Air Balloon Ride Over Lago San Pablo

Fly in a hot-air balloon over Lago San Pablo near Otavalo. Marvel at bird’s-eye-views of the Andes and volcanoes as you soar at heights of over 1,000 feet. Enjoy the peace of sunrise and a wine toast. Book your Otavalo: Sunrise Hot-Air Balloon Ride Over Lago San Pablo here.

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Embark on a Breathtaking Balloon Adventure

Discover the enchanting Lago San Pablo and the surrounding volcanoes from an unparalleled vantage point as you ascend skywards in a hot air balloon. Gaze down upon the picturesque lake landscape, enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the majestic Imbabura Volcano, and celebrate the journey with a customary wine toast while delving into the captivating history of hot air ballooning. Book the Otavalo: Sunrise Hot-Air Balloon Ride Over Lago San Pablo now!

Sunrise Meet with Pilot and Crew

Join the ranks of early risers and meet your pilot and crew roughly 20 minutes before dawn. Undoubtedly the early effort pays off with the stunning sunrise and scenery only available from the unique perspective of a hot air balloon. The launch site is conveniently located on the lake’s shore, a brief journey from Otavalo city or a longer trek from Quito city, with transfer options provided for a fee.

Serenity in Take-off and Flight

Otavalo: Sunrise Hot-Air Balloon Ride Over Lago San Pablo – As the balloon lifts off, feel the world fall away beneath you without the slightest sense of motion. The flight, lasting between 30 to 45 minutes, presents a panorama of San Pablo Lake and the circling volcanoes, including Imbabura, Cotacachi, and Mojanda, as well as a distant view of Otavalo city. Look out for the native flora and local farms, capture the moment with photographs, and engage with the intrigued spectators from your serene viewpoint above.

Traditional Toast and Tales Post-Flight

Upon landing, join in a time-honored wine toast. Listen to tales of the origins of hot air ballooning and its evolution into the contemporary aviation marvels we use today. The excursion spans approximately 4 hours in total, encompassing check-in, transit to and from the launch site, a comprehensive safety briefing, and the balloon’s meticulous set-up and pack-up processes.

Immersion in Local Culture

Experience the rich local culture as you float over the traditional Ecuadorian landscapes. The balloon’s path may take you over vibrant markets and quiet villages, where the morning routines of the residents unfold as a living tapestry below.  This flight not only offers views but also insights into the daily lives of the communities nestled in the Andes.

Environmental Stewardship and Safety

Your adventure is not just about stunning views but also about respecting the environment. The balloon company operates with a strict adherence to safety and environmental guidelines. This ensures that the beauty of the Ecuadorian landscape is preserved for future generations to enjoy. You’ll be briefed on the eco-friendly practices that are part of the journey, making your experience not only memorable but also responsible.

Exclusive Moments in the Sky

As the balloon rises, so does the opportunity for exclusive moments. Whether it’s a proposal, a birthday, or simply a personal bucket list item, the experience caters to those special life events that call for a grand gesture.  The tranquility of the skies offers a perfect backdrop for creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Concluding with Local Flavors

To complete the experience, upon your return to the ground, indulge in local delicacies. Participate in a sampling of regional cuisine, often provided by local vendors, to fully embrace the tastes of the area. This culinary epilogue to your aerial adventure serves as a delicious reminder of the vibrant culture that thrives around Lago San Pablo.

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