New Orleans: City Lights Helicopter Night Tour

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Experience the glittering lights of New Orleans as you fly above the city on this scenic private night tour. Enjoy hearing interesting facts about the city from your pilot as you fly over iconic landmarks like the French Quarter. Book your New Orleans: City Lights Helicopter Night Tour here.

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Experience New Orleans from Above

Take a helicopter ride over New Orleans at night. See the city lights from a new perspective. Enjoy the calm of the evening sky. Feel the thrill of the city’s nightlife from above. Capture the essence of the city’s vibrant energy. Experience the magic of the city that never sleeps. Witness the city’s transformation as day turns into night. Absorb the city’s unique charm and character. Feel the city’s spirit come alive in the night. Book the New Orleans: City Lights Helicopter Night Tour now!

Departure from Lakefront Airport

The night tour begins at Lakefront Airport. It’s a short 15-minute drive from the French Quarter. You can choose from two flight durations. Experience the convenience of our location and the flexibility of our schedule. Feel the anticipation build as you prepare for takeoff. Embrace the excitement of the adventure ahead. Get ready for an experience like no other. Feel the adrenaline rush as the helicopter lifts off. Begin your journey into the night sky.

10-Minute Flight Over the French Quarter

The shorter flight lasts 10 minutes. It covers a 15-mile route over the bustling French Quarter. See the lights of Canal Street. Marvel at the vibrant Caesar’s Superdome. Witness the city’s heart beating in the night. Feel the pulse of New Orleans’ nightlife. Soak in the city’s unique atmosphere from above. Experience the city’s rich history and culture from the sky. Get a glimpse of the city’s vibrant nightlife. See the city’s iconic landmarks illuminated in the night.

Extended 20-Minute Flight

New Orleans: City Lights Helicopter Night Tour – The longer flight lasts 20 minutes. It follows a 30-mile route. Spend more time in the air. Fly over Uptown and the Garden District. See landmarks like Tulane University, Loyola University, and Saint Charles Avenue. Discover the beauty of New Orleans’ educational and residential areas. Feel the serenity of the city’s quieter districts. Enjoy the contrast between the city’s vibrant and tranquil areas. Get a bird’s eye view of the city’s architectural beauty. Appreciate the city’s diverse landscape from above. Experience the city’s charm from a unique vantage point.

End of the Journey

As the flight concludes, carry with you an unforgettable memory. The city’s sparkling lights and the tranquil night sky will leave a lasting impression. New Orleans’ charm is best appreciated from above. Reflect on the unique experience as you return to the ground. Cherish the memory of your night flight over New Orleans. Look forward to your next adventure in the sky. Remember the city’s enchanting night view as a highlight of your trip. Relive the experience through your memories and photographs. Take home a piece of New Orleans’ night sky with you.

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6001 Stars and Stripes Blvd Ste 1, New Orleans, LA 70126, USA

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New Orleans

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Louisiana (State)

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United States

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