Neustift im Stubaital: Trial Paragliding Experience

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Start at Elfer at 1,800 meters altitude and gently glide towards Lake Kampler and back to the landing site with a gentle landing. Book your Neustift im Stubaital: Trial Paragliding Experience here.

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Meeting Point

Book the Neustift im Stubaital: Trial Paragliding Experience in advance! We gather at the Fly-Stubai information stand. This is located at the Elfer lifts in Neustift im Stubaital, Moos 14. It’s a place buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Here, you’ll meet fellow adventurers, all eager for the experience that lies ahead.

Lift Ride

We then ascend to the mountain’s starting point using the lift. Please note, the lift ticket is not included in the price. During the lift ride, feel free to ask any questions you may have. The journey up offers a preview of the stunning vistas you’ll enjoy during the flight. It’s a moment of calm before the thrilling adventure begins.

Pilot Interaction

The pilot is there to answer all your questions in detail. They are experienced and knowledgeable, ready to share the thrill of flight with you. Their expertise and passion for flying are evident in their detailed explanations and enthusiastic demeanor.

Safety Briefing

Upon reaching the top, there will be a safety briefing. We take safety very seriously and want to ensure you feel comfortable and prepared for the flight. This briefing covers everything from equipment use to emergency procedures, ensuring you’re well-informed and confident.

Take Off

The take-off process involves a few steps before we smoothly lift off. The world falls away beneath you as you rise into the sky, the wind rushing past as you ascend.

Flight Experience

Neustift im Stubaital: Trial Paragliding Experience – During the flight, you can relax and enjoy the stunning mountain views of the Stubaital. The feeling of ultimate freedom is exhilarating, and adrenaline courses through your body. Flying is simply a joy! It’s an experience like no other, soaring above the world below. The panoramic views of the mountains and valleys are simply breathtaking.


The landing will be very smooth. We touch down on a broad meadow. It’s a gentle return to earth after the thrill of flight. The smooth landing is the perfect end to an unforgettable journey.


After the thrilling tandem flight, we present you with your flight diploma. We are state-certified pilots and have successfully completed over 25,000 tandem flights. It’s a memento of your incredible journey in the sky. This diploma is a testament to your courage and adventurous spirit.

Looking Forward

We eagerly anticipate your flight with us! We can’t wait to share the magic of flight and the beauty of the Stubaital with you. We’re confident that this will be an experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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Address Information

Moos 14, Elferbahnen, Parkplatz, 6167 Neustift im Stubaital, Austria

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Neustift im Stubaital

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1 review for Neustift im Stubaital: Trial Paragliding Experience

  1. Monique – Netherlands (verified owner)

    het verzamelpunt was erg duidelijk die zag je meteen, de instructeur was super aardig en stelde je goed op je gemak. ik heb normaal hoogte vrees maar het was helemaal niet eng! alles was goed verzorgd goed materiaal en de instructeur was zeer professioneel. het uitzicht was adembenemend echt een aanrader!

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