Marrakech: Atlas Mountains Paraglide & Camel Ride Day Trip

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Fly like an eagle and ride atop a camel on a trip from Marrakech toward the High Atlas Mountains. Visit Berber villages, discover waterfalls, learn about argan oil production, and savor a local lunch. Book your Marrakech: Atlas Mountains Paraglide and Camel Ride Day Trip here.

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Adventure in Marrakech

Book the Marrakech: Atlas Mountains Paraglide & Camel Ride Day Trip in advance! Start an exciting journey in Marrakech. It’s an ideal trip for thrill-seekers and explorers. Marrakech, a city that never sleeps, is ready to offer you an unforgettable experience. The city’s vibrant culture and history will captivate you.

Desert Camel Ride

Ride a camel through the vast desert. Experience the unique thrill it offers. Feel the rhythm of the desert as you ride along the sandy dunes. The desert’s beauty and tranquility will leave you in awe.

Paragliding Over Kik Plateau

Marrakech: Atlas Mountains Paraglide & Camel Ride Day Trip – Next, soar over the Kik Plateau with a pilot. Capture this moment with a GoPro. Feel the adrenaline rush as you glide over the breathtaking landscape. The panoramic view from the sky is truly mesmerizing.

Experience Berber Culture

Visit Berber villages to experience their culture. Enjoy a traditional Berber meal. Immerse yourself in the rich history and traditions of the Berber people. Their warm hospitality and simple lifestyle will touch your heart.

Journey to High Atlas Mountains

After pickup, head towards the High Atlas Mountains via Tahanaout. Marvel at the majestic peaks and the serene beauty of the mountains. The journey through the winding roads is an adventure in itself.

Argan Oil Cooperative

Stop at an argan oil cooperative. Learn how argan oil products are made. Discover the benefits of this golden oil, known for its healing properties. The cooperative’s commitment to sustainable practices is commendable.

Visit Asni Village

Continue to Asni village. Explore waterfalls and the hamlets of Ait Mizan. Experience the tranquility of rural life in these charming hamlets. The picturesque setting and the friendly locals make it a must-visit place.

Discover Imlil

Visit Imlil, known for its fruit trees. Discover the authentic life of Berber people. Enjoy the sight of lush orchards and the sweet aroma of blossoming fruit trees. The village’s natural beauty is a sight to behold.

Local Flavors

Enjoy lunch in a typical Berber house. Taste local flavors. Savor the taste of traditional dishes, prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The culinary experience is a highlight of the trip.

Paragliding at Kik Plateau

Head to the Kik Plateau for a paragliding flight. Capture the landscape with a GoPro. Experience the thrill of flying and the serenity of the sky. The feeling of freedom is unparalleled.

Camel Ride in Agafay Desert

The final stop is the Agafay Desert. Enjoy a camel ride in a nomad-themed costume. Feel the rhythm of the desert as you traverse the sandy landscape. The sunset view from the desert is a sight you’ll never forget.

French Mint Tea at Berber Camp

Relish French mint tea at a Berber camp before heading back to Marrakech. Reflect on your adventure as you sip the refreshing tea. The journey ends, but the memories will last a lifetime.

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3 reviews for Marrakech: Atlas Mountains Paraglide & Camel Ride Day Trip

  1. Louise – Britain (verified owner)

    The tour guide is so nice and accomodating. Also on this price it soooo worth it!!!!

  2. Obaid – Canada (verified owner)

    The day trip was phenomenal & a great value for your money. We did a lot, and it was so much fun, great food, good experience, and amazing guide (Ayoub). I strongly recommend booking this and if you can, definitely book with Ayoub – he was better then 5 star. I would give him 10 star if I could!

  3. sean – Ireland (verified owner)

    Brilliant trip driver Mohamed was lovely had a guide also called Mohamed was very nice also. Lunch tagine was beautiful and paragliding and camel ride amazing really recommended this trip.

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