Los Angeles Romantic Helicopter Tour with Mountain Landing

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This exciting and beautiful mountaintop helicopter tour takes you on a 45-minute flight over Los Angeles to a private peak overlooking the Malibu coastline. Then toast yourselves and enjoy a complimentary dessert overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Book your Los Angeles Romantic Helicopter Tour with Mountain Landing here.

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Embark on a Romantic Helicopter Tour

Imagine a romantic getaway in sunny Los Angeles. The private Los Angeles Romantic Helicopter Tour with Mountain Landing is the perfect choice. It lasts 45 minutes and is designed for two.

Start from Bob Hope Airport

Your journey begins at the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank. Once airborne, you’ll head east over Los Angeles’ iconic landmarks.

Over the Landmarks of Los Angeles

Get a bird’s eye view of Universal Studios, the Hollywood Sign, and celebrity homes in Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

Head West to the Beaches

Next, you’ll fly west to Santa Monica’s world-famous beaches. The Pacific Palisades offer breathtaking views of the California Coastline.

Land at a Private Plateau

Continue up the coast to land at a private plateau. It overlooks the magnificent shores of Malibu beach.

Enjoy a Special Moment

You and your guest will have 30 minutes on the peak. Enjoy a complimentary toast, a delicious dessert, and a rose. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your special occasion.

Experience the Thrill of Flight

As you ascend into the sky, feel the thrill of flight. The helicopter’s rotor blades whir above you, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Marvel at the Cityscape

From the air, Los Angeles transforms into a sprawling cityscape. The buildings, roads, and landmarks intertwine in a beautiful urban tapestry.

Discover the Celebrity Lifestyle

Hover over the homes of the rich and famous on the Los Angeles Romantic Helicopter Tour with Mountain Landing and get a glimpse of the luxurious lifestyle in Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

Appreciate the Natural Beauty

As you approach the coastline, the urban jungle gives way to natural beauty. The blue of the ocean meets the sandy beaches in a stunning contrast.

Relish the Serenity of Malibu

On the private plateau, the noise of the city fades away. The serene shores of Malibu beach stretch out beneath you, offering a moment of tranquility.

Celebrate Your Special Occasion

Make a toast to your special occasion. Savor the dessert as you take in the view. The rose is a reminder of this unforgettable experience.

Feel the Adrenaline Rush

As the helicopter takes off, the adrenaline rush is palpable. The city shrinks beneath you, providing a unique perspective that few get to experience.

Uncover Hollywood’s Secrets

Flying over Universal Studios, you’ll get a sneak peek into the world of movie magic. It’s a chance to uncover the secrets of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.

Experience the Glamour of Beverly Hills

Hovering over Beverly Hills, you’ll see the epitome of glamour and luxury. It’s a glimpse into a world of opulence and fame.

Embrace the Coastal Beauty

The coastline is a sight to behold. The pristine beaches of Santa Monica and the rugged cliffs of the Pacific Palisades showcase California’s diverse beauty.

Find Peace in Malibu

Upon landing in Malibu, the serene environment offers a peaceful retreat. The sound of the waves and the panoramic view create a moment of calm.

Cherish the Moment

As you toast to your special occasion, take a moment to cherish the experience. The rose, the dessert, and the stunning view make it a memory to treasure.

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3 reviews for Los Angeles Romantic Helicopter Tour with Mountain Landing

  1. Yann – France (verified owner)

    Excellent ! Tout était parfait de l’accueil en passant par le pilote qui connaissait son travail à merveille ! Super expérience !

  2. Noemi – United States (verified owner)

    Amazing experience totally worth the price!! Everyone were so nice and welcome 🙂 100% recommended

  3. Sheri – United States (verified owner)

    From start to end the customer service was amazing. I could call and ask questions and get answers, Albert was amazing pilot and gave a great tour. Everyone at check in was great and so helpful and made sure we were comfortable. They help my proposal go off flawless!

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