La Garrotxa Volcanoes Half-Day Hot Air Balloon Flight

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Float over the volcanic area of La Garrotxa on a 5-hour hot air balloon tour, with sparkling Cava, a country breakfast in a restaurant exclusive to tour participants, and more. See how the volcanoes have shaped the landscape from a bird’s eye perspective. Book your La Garrotxa Volcanoes Half-Day Hot Air Balloon Flight here.

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Discover La Garrotxa from Above

Glide with the breeze, as you embark on a journey between the Pyrenees and Costa Brava. From above, witness the Catalonian volcanoes, a haven for those who cherish nature. Behold the lush greeneries and the serene ambience that La Garrotxa offers. Marvel at the tapestry of landscapes, where each quilt patch is a story of evolution and natural wonder. Embrace the tranquility of floating above it all, as you become part of the skyline. The experience is akin to a waking dream, serene and surreal in its beauty. Book the La Garrotxa Volcanoes Half-Day Hot Air Balloon Flight in advance!

Accessible Adventure in the Skies

The tour extends for a half-day, encompassing 5 hours, with flying time around 1.5 hours. Accessibility is a priority, offering 3-door baskets for those in need, including the elderly. Every guest is ensured a comfortable and secure experience, soaring the skies with ease. This inclusive approach allows everyone to touch the clouds and feel the freedom of the open air. The sky is no longer a limit, but a canvas awaiting your presence. It’s a testament to the inclusivity of adventure, where the sky welcomes all.

Volcanic Vistas Unveiled

La Garrotxa Volcanoes Half-Day Hot Air Balloon Flight – Witness the earth’s artistry from a unique vantage point. Soar over valleys, forests, and villages perched atop cliffs. In the silence of the skies, enjoy unrivalled 360-degree views. The panoramic spectacle of nature’s architecture is a sight to behold, revealing the history of our planet’s geology. The dance of geological formations below tells a tale as ancient as time itself. Become an eyewitness to the majestic beauty that geological forces have sculpted over millennia. The play of light and shadow over the craters and peaks creates a dynamic visual feast.

Cherished Moments at High Altitude

Savor a glass of Cava and indulge in a local pancake. Let the wind guide you, as the pilot heeds nature’s call. A support 4WD tracks you, ensuring your safe return to earth. Relax and toast to the sky-high adventure, as you float gently with the clouds. Capture these precious moments as the sun rises, painting the sky with hues of dawn. Feel the warmth of the sun’s first rays as they illuminate the vast expanse below you. The world seems to stand still, offering a moment of pure bliss high above the mundane.

Post-Flight Celebrations

Upon landing, the journey concludes with a hearty country breakfast. Feast on pa amb tomàquet, cold cured sausage, and beans from Santa Pau. Relish roasted sausage, Catalan wine, and a sip of ratafia. Share stories of your aerial adventure with fellow travelers, as you dine amidst the beauty of the natural park. With spirits high and hearts full, you’ll carry the memory of this ethereal experience with you long after you’ve returned to the ground. The celebration continues as you reflect on the peacefulness of the skies and the joy of discovery. Your senses revel in the flavors and sounds of the local culture, culminating a journey of breathtaking heights and earthbound delights.

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3 reviews for La Garrotxa Volcanoes Half-Day Hot Air Balloon Flight

  1. Darrin – United States (verified owner)

    This is worth every cent. We spent an amazing morning slowly drifting over the marvelous La Garrotxa area. Our pilot was not only very skilled with the navigation of the ballon, but also was from the area and able to explain things to us about this spectacular region. His English was great and he made sure to explain everything in both Catalan and English. While I am a bit afraid of heights, I never felt any nervousness on this ride. Even the landing was smooth. The breakfast after was also extremely good and it was fun to sit with the other passengers and pilots and enjoy a meal after the ride.

  2. Sharon – United States (verified owner)

    Couldn’t have been better. Everything was fabulous. And the ,”breakfast” after the ride kept us full for the rest of the day. The entire staff was friendly and helpful. Highly recommend.

  3. Erin – United States (verified owner)

    Amazing! The pilots and staff were excellent—professional, kind, fun-loving, knowledgeable. They went above and beyond to make sure we had a great time. Cannot recommend them enough

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