Klosters: Paragliding Tandem Flight with Video&Pictures

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Take the most popular tandem flight in Klosters. Launch from the Gotschnagrat in the Parsenn ski area. See breathtaking alpine scenery from a height difference of 1,000 meters. Feel free as a bird. Tour duration is 120 min, air time 15 – 35min. Book your Klosters: Paragliding Tandem Flight with Video&Pictures here.

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Meet Your Pilot

Book the Klosters: Paragliding Tandem Flight with Video&Pictures in advance. At the Gotschna cable car valley station in Klosters, meet your pilot. The station is near “Klosters Platz” train station. Parking is available at the station and landing site.

Your Pilot Team

Your team includes pilots from Davos and Klosters. Some have 30 years of paragliding experience. Others are a former Swiss cross-country champion, a flight instructor, and a mountain guide.

The Journey to Gotschnagrat

Together with your pilot, take the Gotschna cable car to Gotschnagrat. Discuss any questions with your pilot during the ride. Gain insight into the world of paragliding.

Preparation for Flight

At the top, the pilot checks the wind and selects a launch site. Gotschnagrat has take-off places for different wind directions. At the starting point, your pilot prepares for your flight.

The Flight

Your pilot connects you with the wing. Only current paragliders of the latest generation are used. After the command “1-2-Go!”, start running with your pilot. After a few steps, you’re in the air!

Experience the Freedom

With a height difference of approximately 1,000 meters, feel free like a bird. If thermals allow, you may climb higher. During the flight, talk to your pilot and express your wishes.


Steer yourself, fly dynamic maneuvers, or simply glide and enjoy the landscape. The flight is carried out according to your wishes. Land near the sportcenter in Klosters. The entire flight experience lasts around 2 hours.

Additional Information

Paragliding is a weather-dependent sport. Safety is always the top priority. The pilot will make the final decision on whether to fly based on the weather conditions.

What to Bring

Bring warm clothes, sturdy shoes, sunglasses, and a camera. Don’t forget to bring your sense of adventure!


After landing, you can share your experience with friends and family. You can also discuss your flight with the pilot and ask any questions you may have.

Remember the Experience

Klosters: Paragliding Tandem Flight with Video&Pictures – Photos and videos of your flight can be purchased. These will help you remember this incredible experience for years to come.

Experience the View

From the sky, enjoy a unique view of the landscape. See the world from a bird’s perspective.

Flight Duration

The duration of the flight depends on the weather conditions. On good days, flights can last up to 30 minutes.

Safety First

All equipment is regularly checked for safety. Your pilot will ensure that all safety measures are followed.

Share the Experience

Paragliding is an experience to share. Invite your friends and family to watch your flight from the landing site.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions greatly affect the flight. Clear skies and gentle winds provide the best flying conditions.

Flight Equipment

High-quality helmets and harnesses are provided. These ensure your safety during the flight.

Post-Flight Reflection

Reflect on your flight experience. It’s a unique adventure that few people get to experience.

Future Flights

If you enjoyed your flight, consider booking another. Each flight offers a unique experience.

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