Jaco Beach: Zip Line and ATV Adventure Combo Tour

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Enjoy a complete action packed combination tour near Jaco Beach and Los Suenos Resort. Fly through the rain forest on an extensive zip line course and drive an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) on muddy trails and through rivers to a wondrous waterfall. Book your Jaco Beach: Zip Line and ATV Adventure Combo Tour here.

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Adventure Begins

Book the Jaco Beach: Zip Line and ATV Adventure Combo Tour in advance! Your adventure begins with a thrilling 15-minute tractor ride to the mountain’s peak.

Feel the excitement build as you ascend.

Zip Line Journey

Prepare for the zip line segment of your journey.

Experience a 2-hour descent through the rainforest.

Travel across 10 cables and 14 platforms.

Some platforms offer stunning panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Nicoya.

Feel the wind in your hair and the thrill in your heart.

ATV Adventure

Once the zip lining is over, it’s time for an adrenaline-filled ATV adventure.

Head to a waterfall to start your journey.

Begin with a test drive on a private track, specially designed for this purpose.

After familiarizing yourself with your vehicle, continue the fun on a muddy 2-hour ATV tour.

The tour takes place on more than 300 hectares of private property.

Feel the mud splatter and the engine roar.

Waterfall Visit

Enjoy this safe adventure with your guide as you journey towards a pristine private waterfall.

Take a short hike and swim before returning to the base.

Feel the cool water on your skin and the peace in your soul.

Upgrade Your Tour

Alternatively, upgrade your tour by choosing the 3-hour ATV course.

After the zip lining portion of the tour, which remains the same, embark on a longer ATV adventure.

This includes a visit to some nearby waterfalls and a drive along a muddy coastline trail with numerous lookout points.

Experience the thrill of discovery and the joy of adventure.

End of the Day

As the day ends, return to the base, carrying memories of a day filled with adventure and fun.

Relive the moments of the day as you unwind and prepare for your next adventure.


Reflect on the day’s events as you rest.

Remember the thrill of the zip line, the roar of the ATV, and the serenity of the waterfall.

Carry these memories with you as you embark on your next adventure.

Next Day

As a new day dawns, prepare for another day of adventure.

Whether it’s zip lining, ATV riding, or exploring waterfalls, every day brings new experiences.

So, gear up and get ready to make more unforgettable memories.

Continuing Adventure

With each new day, there’s a promise of more adventure.

Whether it’s the rush of zip lining, the thrill of ATV riding, or the tranquility of a waterfall, there’s always something to look forward to.

So, embrace the adventure and make every moment count.

Embrace the Unknown

Every adventure brings with it the unknown.

Embrace it, for it is in the unknown that we truly find ourselves.

So, buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life.

Cherish the Moments

Every moment of the Jaco Beach: Zip Line and ATV Adventure Combo Tour is a memory in the making.

Cherish these moments, for they are the stories you’ll tell tomorrow.

So, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

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1.7km east of the Heradura main intersection, beach, Provincia de Puntarenas, Herradura, Costa Rica

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Puntarenas Province

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Costa Rica

3 reviews for Jaco Beach: Zip Line and ATV Adventure Combo Tour

  1. Trisha – United States (verified owner)

    We loved our guide. He was so personal and fun. Riding the ATVs through the puddles in the jungle was such a blast! Would do it again!!!

  2. Johnny – United States (verified owner)

    Simply outstanding! Our guides were fantastic! By far the best guides I’ve ever had doing these adventures. Justin, William, and Raquel were the best!

  3. Tashawnda – United States (verified owner)

    ATV rides were amazing! First time experience for the ATV adventure.

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