Hokitika: West Coast Tree Top Tower Zip Lining & Walk

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Discover the ancient rainforest of Hokitika on a treetop walk and zip-lining combo tour. Stroll among the treetops, zip-line from the tower with amazing views, and learn all about the rainforest. Book your Hokitika: West Coast Tree Top Tower Zip Lining & Walk Combo here.

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Experience the Hokitika Rainforest

Book the Hokitika: West Coast Tree Top Tower Zip Lining & Walk in advance! Embark on a journey in Hokitika’s rainforest. Combine a treetop walk with a zip line ride. Feel the thrill of speed above the canopy. Admire the panoramic views. Listen to your guide’s rainforest facts. End your tour at the cafe on-site.

Begin Your Adventure

Start at the West Coast Tree Top Visitor Center. Meet your guide. Receive a safety briefing. Put on your gear. Proceed to the stunning treetop walkway. Marvel at the rainforest views.

Discover the Ancient Rainforest

Learn about the ancient rainforest from your guide. Walk along the tree canopy. Ascend the spiral tower’s 106 steps. Pair up with a friend on the tandem zip lines. Soar through the air from 45 meters high, on a 425-meter ride.

Conclude Your Adventure

Hokitika: West Coast Tree Top Tower Zip Lining & Walk – After your adventure, visit the al fresco cafe. Enjoy some refreshments.

Additional Activities

Explore more of the rainforest on a guided hike. Discover unique flora and fauna. Capture stunning photographs. Experience the tranquility of nature.

Remember Your Adventure

Visit the gift shop at the visitor center. Find souvenirs to remember your adventure. Share your experience with friends and family back home.

Extend Your Stay

Consider extending your stay in Hokitika. Discover local attractions. Visit nearby towns. Enjoy local cuisine. Experience the hospitality of the locals.

Plan Your Next Adventure

Start planning your next adventure. Explore other rainforests. Try different activities. Continue your journey of discovery.

Preserve the Rainforest

Learn about conservation efforts. Understand the importance of preserving the rainforest. Participate in sustainable practices. Make a positive impact on the environment.

Return Home

Return home with unforgettable memories. Reflect on your adventure. Cherish the experience. Look forward to your next journey.

Share Your Story

Share your story with others. Inspire them with your adventure. Encourage them to explore the rainforest. Become an ambassador for nature.

Stay Connected

Stay connected with the rainforest. Follow updates on conservation efforts. Support initiatives that protect the rainforest. Be part of the solution.

Embrace the Outdoors

Embrace the outdoors. Feel the fresh air. Listen to the sounds of nature. Let the rainforest rejuvenate your spirit.

Join a Community

Join a community of adventurers. Share your experiences. Learn from others. Be part of a global movement to appreciate and protect our natural world.

Experience Local Culture

Experience the local culture. Learn about the traditions and customs of Hokitika. Engage with the local community. Gain a deeper understanding of the region.

Adventure Awaits

Adventure awaits in the Hokitika rainforest. Embrace the thrill. Discover the beauty. Create unforgettable memories. Your journey is just beginning.

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1128 Woodstock-Rimu Road, Ruatapu 7883, New Zealand

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Westland District

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New Zealand

3 reviews for Hokitika: West Coast Tree Top Tower Zip Lining & Walk

  1. Alvina – Australia (verified owner)


  2. rachel – France (verified owner)

    très bien. guide agréable et compétent

  3. Phil – Australia (verified owner)

    I didn’t catch the name of the lady suiting us up with our safety gear but she was so helpful and friendly even though she was run off her feet. She made the experience very enjoyable, even offering to take a photo of my son and I when we landed from the zip line. We are very grateful she was working that day so thank you once again you deserve a pay rise

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