Heraklion: Sunrise Balloon Flight & Sunset Catamaran Cruise

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Enjoy a hot-air balloon ride and sunset cruise all in one day during your stay in Heraklion. Soar over the Lasithi Plateau in a hot-air balloon and take part in a 3.5-hour sunset cruise on a luxury catamaran with snacks. Book your Heraklion: Sunrise Balloon Flight & Sunset Catamaran Cruise here.

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Your Adventure in Heraklion Awaits

Book the Heraklion: Sunrise Balloon Flight & Sunset Catamaran Cruise in advance! Embark on a journey from the comfort of your hotel in Heraklion or meet us at our designated point. A cozy minivan awaits to escort you to the launch site, chosen based on the day’s weather. The anticipation builds as you near the start of your aerial adventure.

Ascend into the Skies

Step into the basket, limited to a cozy group of 8, under the guidance of our seasoned balloon captain. Join in on the pre-flight excitement as you assist the crew in readying the balloon. A comprehensive safety briefing will be provided, along with highlights of the stunning vistas you are about to witness.

Flight of Fancy

Heraklion: Sunrise Balloon Flight & Sunset Catamaran Cruise – Experience the thrill of lift-off and the serene ascent that follows. Capture the moment with breathtaking snapshots of Crete’s sprawling landscapes and the gleaming sea beyond.

Celebration of Flight

Upon your gentle return to terra firma, a bus whisks you away to a local taverna. There, a glass of sparkling wine toasts your daring spirit. Savor a traditional Cretan breakfast, an array of local flavors that will leave your palate delighted. Cherish this moment with a flight certificate and a keepsake.

Sunset Sailing Extravaganza

Continue your escapade with an afternoon catamaran cruise, basking in the glow of the setting sun. The vessel, accommodating up to 20, is equipped for an array of aquatic activities. Snorkel, fish, or float atop the Mediterranean’s crystalline waters. Aboard, indulge in a selection of Cretan wine and snacks, freshly sourced from local markets. The day’s climax is a sunset viewed from the bay, a spectacle that is as unforgettable as it is stunning.

Immersive Cultural Experience

As the day unfolds, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Cretan culture. Engage with local fishermen and learn the art of sea harvest. Relish the chance to weave through the narrow streets of nearby villages, where the warmth of the locals is as inviting as the weather. Discover the stories etched into ancient ruins that dot the landscape, each stone a silent witness to ages past.

Gourmet Delights and Local Crafts

Conclude your adventure with a visit to a traditional market. Here, you’ll encounter a vibrant array of Cretan handicrafts, perfect for those seeking a tangible piece of this enchanting island to take home. Indulge your senses in the local cuisine, where the flavors are as rich as the history. Sample olive oils, cheeses, and wines that bear the soul of the island within their taste.

Enchanting Evenings

As dusk falls, the island transforms. The night air fills with the melodic sounds of traditional Cretan music. Partake in a feast for the senses at a local taverna, where musicians strum the lyra and laouto. Dance to the rhythm of the island’s heartbeat.

Restful Retreats

After a day of exploration and celebration, retreat to a haven of tranquility. Choose from a variety of accommodations that offer restorative rest. From luxurious resorts to charming local inns, your comfort is our priority. Dream of the next day’s adventures in the cradle of Cretan hospitality.

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3 reviews for Heraklion: Sunrise Balloon Flight & Sunset Catamaran Cruise

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  2. Oscar – Britain (verified owner)

    What a fantastic experience. All the staff involved were amazing! So friendly and inviting, they done everything they could to make this experience as special as possible. At first I questioned the price but I can honestly say i would pay double for that level of service and experience. All the staff were great but a special mention for Maria who went above and beyond to accommodate us and planned everything so well. She had so many people to organise yet left me feeling like I was her only customer. 10/10, highly recommend!

  3. Jeffrey – Britain (verified owner)

    Absolutely Incredible. Sergei and His partner made the whole trip personal and enjoyable. Being able to set up and take down the hot air balloon was awesome. The ascent up through the clouds was absolutely magical and the breakfast/ brunch afterwards was delicious along with our certificates which made it extra personal and memorable. Highly recommend. Not forgetting the catamaran sun set cruise. Just wow out of this world so many activities to do onboard and off board including drinking, eating and I enjoyed the fishing the most. I will definitely be recommending it to friends and family

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