Hamburg: Bungee Jumping 50 Meters High over the Harbor

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Experience views of Hamburg’s Elbe and the ships from the harbor crane on a thrilling bungee jump, ascending 50 meters high. Book your Hamburg: Bungee Jumping 50 Meters High over the Harbor here.

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Experience the Thrill of Bungee Jumping in Hamburg

Are you ready for an adrenaline rush with Hamburg: Bungee Jumping 50 Meters High over the Harbor? Try bungee jumping in Hamburg. It’s located at the harbor museum on Veddel. The view over the port is exceptional. You’ll reach heights of 50 meters. This height separates you from the Nordic nature.

The Climb to the Top

First, you’ll climb 163 steps of the original harbor crane. This alone will get your pulse racing. At the top, enjoy the view of ships, quays, and harbor facilities. You’ll also see the Elbphilharmonie concert hall.

Preparation for the Jump

After registration, you’ll receive your equipment. This includes a bungee harness and ankle cuffs. The rope is attached to these cuffs. The thrill begins as you enter the gondola.

The Ascent

The gondola rises 50 meters into the air. This is where your adventure truly begins.

The Jump

If you want to know what happens next, come and see for yourself. Better yet, try it out right away.

The Anticipation

As the gondola ascends, your heart pounds in your chest. The world below becomes smaller. The anticipation builds with each passing second.

The Moment of Truth

At the top, you stand on the edge, looking down. The wind whistles in your ears. You take a deep breath. This is the moment of truth.

The Free Fall

You leap into the void. For a moment, you’re free-falling. The ground rushes up to meet you. But then, the bungee cord snaps taut.

The Aftermath

After the jump, you’re exhilarated and alive. You’ve conquered your fears. You’ve experienced something few dare to try.

The Reflection

Once back on solid ground, you reflect on the experience. The thrill, the fear, the exhilaration – it’s a cocktail of emotions that leaves you buzzing.

The Celebration

You’ve done it! You’ve taken the leap of faith and lived to tell the tale. It’s time to celebrate this achievement. Maybe with a hearty meal or a round of drinks.

The Memory

The adventure Hamburg: Bungee Jumping 50 Meters High over the Harbor will be etched in your memory forever. Every time you think about it, you’ll feel a rush of adrenaline. It’s an experience that truly lasts a lifetime.

The Next Adventure

Now that you’ve conquered bungee jumping, what’s next? Skydiving? Mountain climbing? The world is full of thrilling adventures waiting for you.

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Australiastraße 50B, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

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Hamburg Metropolitan Area

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2 reviews for Hamburg: Bungee Jumping 50 Meters High over the Harbor

  1. Katrin – Germany (verified owner)

    Tolles Team, gute Organisation, einfach ein tolles Event Großes Lob an die wirklich netten j d gut gelaunten Leite dort

  2. Birgit – Germany (verified owner)

    der Ablauf war etwas holprig, wir hatten eine genaue Zeit gebucht und dementsprechend sind wir losgefahren, aber dass es über 1h später losgeht hätten wir nicht erwartet. das war nicht so gut

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