Gold Coast: Indoor Skydiving Experience

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Get a taste of what it feels like to jump from a plane and fly free-fall – without the need for a plane! Enjoy a package which includes 2 flights for 1 person giving you twice the amount of free-fall time than a tandem skydive. Book your Gold Coast: Indoor Skydiving Experience here.

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Experience the Thrill of Indoor Skydiving

Gold Coast: Indoor Skydiving Experience is suitable for all ages, from 3 to 103 years old. It’s safe for kids, challenging for adults, exciting for teens, and realistic for skydivers. The fully-controlled, ultra-safe environment makes it accessible for people of any ability.

Getting Started with Indoor Skydiving

Upon arrival at the indoor skydiving center, you’ll sign in at reception. You’ll meet your instructor who will brief you and help you gear up. This instructor will guide you into the airflow and teach you how to fly your body.

The Indoor Skydiving Experience

There’s no parachute, no jumping, and nothing attaching you to planet Earth. You simply lean into the wind inside a giant glass tunnel. A column of air lifts you up and you float effortlessly into flight, guided by qualified instructors.

The Adrenaline Rush

You’ll fly your body just like a skydiver would after jumping out of a plane. This 2-flight package gives you twice the amount of free-fall time than a tandem skydive. Feel the incredible adrenaline rush with indoor skydiving.

Mastering the Art of Indoor Skydiving

As you progress in indoor skydiving, you’ll learn to control your movements in the air. You’ll perform twists, turns, and flips, just like professional skydivers. The more you practice, the more skilled you’ll become.

The Benefits of Indoor Skydiving

Gold Coast: Indoor Skydiving Experience is not just about the thrill. It’s also a great way to build strength, coordination, and confidence. Plus, it’s a unique and fun way to stay active and fit.

Indoor Skydiving: A Sport for Everyone

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker looking for your next adventure, or someone looking for a fun and exciting way to stay active, indoor skydiving is a sport that truly has something for everyone.

Experience the Community

Indoor skydiving also offers a vibrant community. You’ll meet people from all walks of life, united by their love for the sport. Participate in events, competitions, and social gatherings.

A Safe Adventure

Indoor skydiving provides all the thrill of free-fall without the risks associated with outdoor skydiving. Safety measures are in place to ensure a fun and secure experience.

Unleash Your Potential

Indoor skydiving is more than a sport, it’s a journey of self-discovery. As you master the wind, you’ll also learn about your strengths and capabilities. It’s an adventure that pushes your limits.

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3 reviews for Gold Coast: Indoor Skydiving Experience

  1. Julie-Ann – Australia (verified owner)

    A fantastic adventure for those not game enough to jump out of a plane!

  2. Melinda – Australia (verified owner)

    I fly was exceptional. Felt very relaxed and safe with my instructor Alberto but also experienced the adrenaline rush I hoped for. Loved it.

  3. Charles – United States (verified owner)

    Great time with the family. The instructor was very helpful and patient as everyone did their flight

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