From Yountville: Napa Valley Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight

Take in the exquisite beauty of the Napa Valley as the sun rises with this hot air balloon flight from Yountville. Enjoy pilot commentary and end your adventure with a glass of sparkling wine. Book your From Yountville: Napa Valley Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight here.

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Experience Napa Valley’s Romance

Book the From Yountville: Napa Valley Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight in advance! Embark on a hot-air-balloon flight from Yountville. Discover the romance of Napa Valley from above.

The Thrill of Takeoff

Watch the balloon inflate and take off over wine country. Experience the thrill as the sun rises over the hills.

The Meeting Point

Meet at the Vintner’s Golf Course in Yountville. Be escorted to one of the select launch sites of the activity provider.

Preparation for the Flight

Capture some pictures as the balloon inflates. Get ready for the excitement of taking off.

Awakening the Senses

Awaken your senses with a coffee and pastries from Bouchon Bakery.

The Journey Begins

Once aloft, embark on a journey into the wild blue yonder. Be guided by a seasoned pilot.

Entertainment and Insights

Be entertained with some of ballooning’s more colorful history. Gain insights into Napa Valley’s geographical highlights and vineyards.

Embracing the Vistas

Let the gentle breeze caress your face. Embrace the stunning vistas unfolding beneath you while the pilot navigates with expert ease.

The Touchdown and Celebration

After touching down, indulge in a sparkling wine toast. The toast is courtesy of Domaine Chandon.

Reflecting on the Journey

Reflect on the unforgettable memories made during your flight. Return to your meeting point in Yountville.

The Magic of Ballooning

Experience the magic of ballooning. Feel the freedom of the skies and the tranquility of the journey.

The Beauty of Napa Valley

From Yountville: Napa Valley Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight – Marvel at the beauty of Napa Valley. See the vineyards, the hills, and the sunrise from a unique perspective.

The End of a Memorable Journey

As the journey ends, carry the memories with you. Cherish the experience of a lifetime.

The Joy of Discovery

Discover the joy of ballooning. Experience the thrill of floating above the earth, free as a bird.

The Unforgettable Experience

Remember the unforgettable experience. The sights, the sounds, the feelings will stay with you forever.

The Adventure Continues

As the adventure continues, look forward to more exciting experiences. The sky is the limit.

The Balloon’s Journey

Follow the balloon’s journey. Watch as it soars high above, painting a picture against the sky.

The Serenity of the Skies

Experience the serenity of the skies. Feel the calmness envelop you as you float above the world.

The Return to Earth

As the balloon descends, prepare for the return to earth. Carry the magic of the journey with you.

The Excitement of the Adventure

Feel the excitement of the adventure. The thrill of the takeoff, the serenity of the flight, the joy of the landing.

The Memories of the Flight

Cherish the memories of the flight. The sights, the sounds, the feelings will be with you forever.

The End of an Unforgettable Day

As the day ends, reflect on the unforgettable experience. The memories of the flight will stay with you forever.

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