From Westchester: New York City Scenic Helicopter Tour

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Enjoy stunning aerial views of iconic New York City landmarks on a 30 or 45-minute helicopter flight. See Central Park, Midtown Manhattan and more. Book your From Westchester: New York City Scenic Helicopter Tour here.

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Experience New York from Above

From Westchester: New York City Scenic Helicopter Tour: Embark on the breathtaking journey with a 30 or 45-minute helicopter flight. Depart from Westchester Airport and reach the heart of New York City in mere minutes. Witness the city’s iconic skyline as you soar above the bustling streets. Feel the adrenaline rush as you ascend into the sky, leaving the ground behind. The city’s skyscrapers, parks, and rivers unfold beneath you in a stunning panorama. The city, a tapestry of diverse neighborhoods, unfolds in a spectacle of lights and colors.

Marvel at the Bird’s Eye View

Our skilled pilots will provide you with stunning aerial views of Central Park and Midtown Manhattan. Capture the essence of the city’s architectural marvels from a unique perspective. See the city’s green lung, Central Park, nestled amidst the concrete jungle. The juxtaposition of nature and architecture is a sight to behold. The city’s landmarks, each with its own story, dot the landscape below.

30-Minute Tour Option

Opt for the 30-minute tour and be amazed by the spectacular views of Midtown Manhattan, Central Park, Hudson River, and Yankee Stadium, outside of game times. Experience the thrill of flying over the city that never sleeps. Watch the Hudson River flow like a silver ribbon through the cityscape. The city’s landmarks, bathed in sunlight or city lights, are a sight to behold. The city’s energy, palpable even from the sky, is sure to leave you spellbound.

45-Minute Tour Option

Choose the 45-minute tour for an extended experience. This includes all sights from the 30-minute tour plus views of Downtown Manhattan, the Freedom Tower, Financial District, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Brooklyn Bridge. Feel the pulse of the city as you glide over its landmarks. Marvel at the Statue of Liberty standing tall, a beacon of freedom. The city’s history and future seem to converge at this point. The city’s skyline, a testament to human ingenuity, stretches out in all directions.

Unforgettable Memories

Regardless of the tour option you choose, rest assured that this will be an unforgettable experience. The beauty of New York City from above is something that will stay with you long after the flight is over. Capture these moments in your heart, as they are sure to become treasured memories. Every glance out of the helicopter window reveals a new facet of the city’s character. The city’s vibrancy, its hustle and bustle, its quiet corners, all come together in a symphony of sights.


So, are you ready for an adventure that combines thrill and beauty? Then buckle up and prepare for a flight that will give you a new perspective on the city of dreams, New York. The From Westchester: New York City Scenic Helicopter Tour is not just a tour, but a journey into the heart of the city, a dance with the clouds, and a symphony of cityscapes. Come, fly with us and let the city unfold beneath you. Experience the magic of New York, a city that is always on the move, always changing, yet timeless in its charm.

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3 reviews for From Westchester: New York City Scenic Helicopter Tour

  1. Wing Yan – Hong Kong (verified owner)

    Great tour and great guide.

  2. Nicolas – France (verified owner)

    Fantastic helicopter tour over Manhattan. We were able to fly over midtown , by night, which is now very rare. Very nice pilot and hostess.

  3. Michaela – Germany (verified owner)

    Es war jeden Cent wert und wird eine unvergessliche Erinnerung bleiben.

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