From South Rim: Grand Canyon Spirit Helicopter Tour

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Soar above the Grand Canyon on a helicopter tour from the South Rim, getting scenic views of the Painted Desert, Kaibab National Forest, and Dragon Corridor, the widest and deepest part of the canyon. Book your From South Rim: Grand Canyon Spirit Helicopter Tour here.

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Begin your adventure From South Rim: Grand Canyon Spirit Helicopter Tour at Tusayan, Arizona’s Grand Canyon Airport. Prepare for a 45-minute helicopter journey over the Grand Canyon.

Flight Over the Grand Canyon

From the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, you’ll fly over the Kaibab National Forest. Marvel at the Marble Canyon and Point Imperial views.

The South Rim

Experience the thrill as the South Rim recedes, revealing one of the canyon’s most unforgettable vistas.

The North Rim and Beyond

Ascend above the North Rim for spectacular bird’s-eye views. Continue through the Dragon Corridor, the deepest and widest part of the canyon.

Painted Desert and Desert View Watchtower

Catch a glimpse of the distant Painted Desert and the Desert View Watchtower, a Hopi Native American design.

The Colorado River

Follow the Colorado River upstream to its confluence with the Little Colorado River. Return over the Kaibab National Forest to Tusayan.

The ECO-Star Helicopter

Enjoy your From South Rim: Grand Canyon Spirit Helicopter Tour in a state-of-the-art ECO-Star Helicopter. It features individual leather seats, wraparound glass for excellent visibility, and superior noise-reduction features both inside and out.

Preparation for the Flight

Before your flight, you’ll receive a safety briefing to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet your experienced pilot who will guide you through the breathtaking landscapes of the Grand Canyon.

The Journey Begins

As you lift off, feel the thrill of the helicopter’s power and the excitement of the adventure that awaits. The vast expanse of the Grand Canyon unfolds before you, a sight that never fails to awe and inspire.

Marvel at Nature’s Grandeur

As you soar above the canyon, marvel at the sheer scale and grandeur of this natural wonder. The changing colors, shadows, and light create a spectacle that is different every time you fly.

A Memorable Experience

As your flight concludes, carry with you memories of a unique and unforgettable experience. The Grand Canyon, seen from the sky, offers a perspective like no other.

Unforgettable Views

From the helicopter, you’ll witness the incredible geological formations that make the Grand Canyon so unique. The layers of rock reveal millions of years of Earth’s history, a sight that is truly humbling.

Wildlife Spotting

Keep an eye out for the diverse wildlife that calls the Grand Canyon home. From soaring birds to elusive mountain lions, you never know what you might spot from the sky.

Historical Significance

The Grand Canyon is not just a natural wonder, but also a place of historical significance. From ancient Native American sites to early pioneer trails, there’s a rich history to discover.

End of the Journey

As your helicopter lands back at Tusayan, you’ll be filled with a sense of awe and wonder at the incredible journey you’ve just experienced. The Grand Canyon is a place that truly needs to be seen to be believed.

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3 reviews for From South Rim: Grand Canyon Spirit Helicopter Tour

  1. Danielle – United States (verified owner)

    This was worth every penny to see the Grand Canyon from the air. It was cool to see an Elk family in the forest, the snowy section and awesome views.

  2. Kim – United States (verified owner)

    We highly recommend this company and tour. The views were spectacular and the best way to see the canyon. Worth the money!

  3. Antonia – Greece (verified owner)

    One of the best experiences of my life! The feelings are indescribable when the pilot passes from the edge of the cliff and the canyon suddenly appears at your feet! In my opinion, don’t think twice about booking this tour. You will make yourself a favor!

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