From Methven: Hot Air Balloon Flight Near Christchurch

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Enjoy a stunning morning in a hot air balloon as you soar over Canterbury Plains. Reach up to 9,500 feet above the ground for views of the Southern Alps and Pacific Ocean. Book your From Methven: Hot Air Balloon Flight Near Christchurch here.

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Begin Your Journey with Adventure Balloons

Embark on a breathtaking journey with the skilled Pilot and crew of Adventure Balloons. Your adventure starts at the bus stop on the main street, right in front of Methven Medical Centre. With the dawn’s early light as your backdrop, you’ll meet first thing in the morning. The exact time varies with the season, ranging from 6am to 8am. Rest assured, your precise meeting time will be confirmed upon booking. Book the From Methven: Hot Air Balloon Flight Near Christchurch in advance!

To the Launch Site

The crew is set to guide you to today’s launch site. The location is chosen based on the day’s wind conditions. Every flight promises a unique path, each one a new adventure. You’ll be part of the thrilling process of inflating a Hot Air Balloon. Feel the anticipation build as the balloon swells and rises before your eyes.

The Flight

From Methven: Hot Air Balloon Flight Near Christchurch – As you lift off, the vast Canterbury Plains stretch out below. The panoramic spectacle includes the majestic Southern Alps and, on the horizon, the shimmering Pacific Ocean. The flight duration is approximately an hour, a perfect slice of time to drink in the stunning vistas. The gentle breeze will carry you across the skies, offering a serene yet exhilarating experience.

The Enchantment of Flight

As the world shrinks away beneath you, the silence of flight is both profound and peaceful. Only the occasional burst of the balloon’s burner breaks the quiet. High above the ground, you’ll find a new perspective on the world. The hustle of life below turns to a quiet tableau, a rare view few get to see. The tranquility of soaring high above with birds gliding by is an unparalleled delight.

Engaging with the Elements

Embrace the elements as the warm sun graces your face and the wind guides your journey. The balloon moves with the air currents, a dance with nature itself. This harmonious interaction with the weather makes each flight a unique experience. It’s a reminder of the delicate balance between humanity and nature.

Descent and Celebration

Upon descent, the Pilot expertly selects a suitable paddock for landing. Meanwhile, the 4×4 chase crew ensures they are right there to meet you. After the balloon is securely packed away, celebrate your aerial adventure. Enjoy delicious muffins, refresh with juice, or toast with Sparkling wine. This delightful treat is the perfect end to your flight.

Memories to Last a Lifetime

With feet back on the earth, the joy of your balloon flight lingers. It’s an experience that becomes a cherished memory, shared with friends and family. The pictures and stories of your journey will inspire others to seek their own adventure in the skies. Gather around, share your tales, and relive the moments with your loved ones.

Return to Methven

The experience concludes with a return trip to the bus stop in Methven. You’ll carry with you the memories of the skies, the peace above the plains, and a sense of wonder that will linger long after you’ve touched down. The crew bids you farewell, but the adventure stays within you, beckoning you to soar once again. As you part ways, the call of the skies remains, an invitation to explore the world from a new vantage point.

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3 reviews for From Methven: Hot Air Balloon Flight Near Christchurch

  1. Pearl – Singapore (verified owner)

    beautiful! very experienced pilot and amazing crew. its romantic as i have arranged this for our honeymoon and the view is amazing. thank God for the beautiful weather and people!

  2. Bobbie – New Zealand (verified owner)

    This was an amazing experience and I lived every minute of the adventure and the team were so helpful and accomodating – would defiantly recommend this to everyone

  3. Kellie – Australia (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful . Just floating through the sky looking at the beautiful scenery was totally mesmerising. All the guys on the job were so lovely and friendly.

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