From Lisbon: Paragliding Adventure Tour

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Embrace adventure during your holiday in Portugal and enjoy a tandem paragliding adventure tour. Soar through the sky like a bird and enjoy spectacular views of the Portuguese coast. Book your From Lisbon: Paragliding Adventure Tour here.

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Comfortable Journey

Book the From Lisbon: Paragliding Adventure Tour in advance! Experience a journey to a secret flying site in our comfortable vehicles. Our vehicles are equipped with all the modern amenities to ensure a smooth ride. Enjoy the scenic route as we drive you to the site. Feel the anticipation build as you approach the flight site. The journey itself is a part of the adventure. The comfort of our vehicles will make the journey enjoyable. Sit back and relax as we take you on a journey of a lifetime.

Local Culture and Curiosities

Our guide will enlighten you about the local culture and curiosities. You will get to know the rich history and fascinating facts about the region. Discover the unique traditions and customs of the local people. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture. This cultural immersion is an added bonus of the trip. The knowledge shared by our guide will enrich your understanding of the area. Gain insights into the local way of life.

Paragliding Flight Site

At the paragliding flight site, you will receive a briefing about free flight. Our experts will ensure you understand all the safety measures. Learn about the technical aspects of paragliding from our experienced instructors. Feel the excitement as you prepare for the flight. The anticipation of the flight adds to the thrill. The flight site is carefully chosen for its ideal conditions. Get ready for an experience like no other.

Flight with Accredited Instructors

You will undertake a paragliding flight with one of our accredited instructors. They are experienced professionals who prioritize your safety and enjoyment. Feel the adrenaline rush as you soar high in the sky. Experience the thrill of flying like a bird. The flight is an exhilarating experience that you will never forget. Our instructors will guide you throughout the flight to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Trust in their expertise as you embark on this adventure.

Unparalleled View

The tandem paragliding flight offers an unparalleled view over Fonte da Telha, Bicas Beach, and Arrábida. The stunning landscape will leave you mesmerized. Capture the breathtaking beauty of nature from a bird’s eye view. Marvel at the panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings. The view from the sky is truly spectacular. The beauty of the landscape will captivate you. Take in the majestic scenery as you glide through the sky.

Breathtaking Experience

From Lisbon: Paragliding Adventure Tour: This breathtaking experience will leave you in awe of its surroundings. It’s an adventure that you will remember for a lifetime. Cherish the unforgettable moments of this thrilling journey. Share your amazing experience with your friends and family. This is an experience that you will want to relive again and again. The thrill of the flight will leave a lasting impression on you. This is more than just a flight, it’s an experience that will touch your soul.

Return Journey

After this exhilarating experience, you will be transported back to Lisbon. You can relax and reminisce about the thrilling adventure you just had. End your day with a heart full of memories and a smile on your face. Look forward to your next adventure with us. The return journey gives you time to reflect on the amazing experience you just had. As you return to Lisbon, you will carry with you the memories of a lifetime. This is not just the end of a journey, but the beginning of many more to come.

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3 reviews for From Lisbon: Paragliding Adventure Tour

  1. Kaneithia – United States (verified owner)

    Nunu was amazing and made my experience that much better. That was a very relaxing 20 minutes of airtime and I definitely recommend others to try.

  2. Kenzie – United States (verified owner)

    Paragliding was truly a magical experience! Our guides made it very safe, fun and comfortable. I would absolutely recommend adding this to your travel itinerary!

  3. Yvonne – Germany (verified owner)

    Die Aktivität an für sich war wirklich super. Kulisse ebenso. Videomaterial und Fotos vom Trip selbst kosten nochmals 20€. Personal war mega lieb und sehr aufmerksam. Hat wirklich Spaß gemacht.

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