From Fethiye: Paragliding Tour

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Fly like a bird and touch the sky on a paragliding adventure in Oludeniz. Experience the magic of a tandem paraglide flight as you soar over the azure waters of southwest Turkey’s Aegean Sea. Book your From Fethiye: Paragliding Tour here.

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Experience the Thrill of Paragliding

Book the From Fethiye: Paragliding Tour in advance and embark on a tandem paragliding adventure in Oludeniz, a region in southwest Turkey. Feel your adrenaline surge as you prepare for the flight.

The Journey Begins

After a hotel pick-up, a 45-minute truck safari takes you to Babadag’s peak. The drive itself is an adventure, but the real excitement is yet to start.

Preparation for Take-off

Upon reaching the take-off point, a seasoned pilot briefs you. The use of cutting-edge equipment ensures a memorable day where safety is paramount.

Touch the Sky

Now, it’s time to soar! Marvel at the breathtaking aerial views as you glide for 30 to 45 minutes, subject to the day’s conditions.

Embrace the Heights

Experience heights you never thought possible. Dare to try a thrilling spiral, or descend gently like a bird.

Views of the Blue Lagoon

Take in the stunning views of the Blue Lagoon and its lush surroundings. The beauty of the landscape is overwhelming.

The Landing

Your landing brings you back to Oludeniz Beach. Your friends and family eagerly await, ready to hear about your unforgettable journey.

Post-Flight Reflections

As you step back onto the beach, the thrill of the flight still lingers. You can’t help but look back at the sky, yearning for more.

Sharing the Experience

Share your experience with your loved ones. Their excitement is palpable as they listen to your tales of soaring above the clouds.

A Memory to Cherish

The adventure From Fethiye: Paragliding Tour will be a memory to cherish. The thrill, the views, the experience – it’s something you’ll never forget.

Reliving the Adventure

Every time you look at the sky, you’ll remember this day. The feeling of freedom, the rush of the wind, the stunning views – it’s all etched in your memory.

Yearning for More

The adventure may be over, but the desire to fly remains. You find yourself dreaming of the sky, longing for the next opportunity to paraglide.


Paragliding in Oludeniz is more than just a sport, it’s an experience that touches your soul. It’s an adventure that stays with you forever.

The Next Adventure

As you reminisce about your flight, you can’t help but wonder about your next adventure. Will it be as thrilling as this one?

Chasing the Sky

The sky is no longer a distant dream, but a playground. You’ve tasted the thrill of flying, and now you crave more.

Final Thoughts

Paragliding is not just about the flight, it’s about the journey. It’s about conquering your fears and embracing the sky.

Looking Forward

As you reflect on your paragliding experience, you can’t help but look forward to your next adventure. The sky is calling, and you’re ready to answer.

The Sky is the Limit

With each flight, you push your boundaries and challenge your limits. The sky is no longer a limit, but a new beginning.

Embracing the Future

As you embrace the future, you carry with you the memories of soaring high above the ground. The sky is your canvas, and you’re ready to paint your next adventure.

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    the flying experience was superb. just it’s not half a day of activity as promised. also the GoPro pics should be included in this price.

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