From Barcelona: Half-Day Hot Air Balloon Flight Ticket

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Enjoy great views of the Montserrat Mountains on a half-day hot air balloon flight from Barcelona. Experience the stunning Catalonian countryside from above, floating silently with the breeze. End with a traditional Champagne toast. Book your From Barcelona: Half-Day Hot Air Balloon Flight Ticket here.

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Magical Aerial Views

Book the From Barcelona: Half-Day Hot Air Balloon Flight Ticket in advance! Experience the magic of the Catalan countryside from a hot air balloon. Glide with the breeze over landscapes that include the Montserrat Mountains, Pyrenees, and Costa Brava. The views are breathtaking and unlike anything you’ve seen before. The colors of the landscape will leave you in awe. The patchwork of fields and forests below offers a unique perspective of the world. The beauty of nature is truly amplified from this vantage point.

Flight Schedule

Flights are scheduled throughout the year. They take place early in the morning when the winds are calm and the air is cool and stable. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable flight. The morning light adds a magical touch to the experience. The rising sun paints the sky with hues of orange and pink, making the flight even more enchanting. The tranquility of the morning adds to the serenity of the flight.

Launch Site Arrival

Upon arrival at the launch site, you will be invited to participate. You can help in preparing and inflating the balloons. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the process. It’s a hands-on experience that adds to the adventure. The anticipation builds as the balloon inflates and begins to take shape. The excitement is palpable as you prepare for the journey ahead.

The Take Off

Then, get on-board and airborne. Float up on the gentle take off and discover some of the most majestic views of Catalonia. The ascent is slow and steady, allowing you to take in the scenery. The silence of the flight is only broken by the occasional burst of the burners. The world below seems to slow down as you rise higher. The feeling of freedom is truly exhilarating.

The Flight

From Barcelona: Half-Day Hot Air Balloon Flight Ticket – Your actual balloon flight will last for approximately 1-hour. During the flight, the pilot will be in permanent contact with the ground crew. This ensures your safety and comfort at all times. The pilot will also point out landmarks and points of interest during the flight. The panoramic views of the countryside are a sight to behold. The peacefulness of the flight allows you to truly appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.

The Landing

The ground crew will be there to greet you upon landing. After packing away the balloon, it’s time to celebrate. The landing is just as gentle as the take off, making the entire experience memorable. The crew will share stories and experiences from their flights. The sense of accomplishment is palpable as you step out of the basket. The adventure doesn’t end with the landing, it’s just the beginning of the memories you’ll cherish.


Celebrate with a traditional Champagne toast. You will also get your personal flight certificate signed by your pilot. This is a perfect memento of your unforgettable journey in the skies. The celebration is a great way to end this unique adventure. The memories of the flight will stay with you long after the champagne bubbles have faded. The joy of the experience is captured in the certificate, a reminder of the magical journey.

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3 reviews for From Barcelona: Half-Day Hot Air Balloon Flight Ticket

  1. Roza – Cyprus (verified owner)

    It was an excellent experience- the guides were amazing

  2. Miriam – United States (verified owner)

    Thanks guys! perfect communication. punctual, pleasant, very safe flight the best experience for New Year’s Day

  3. Tristan – United States (verified owner)

    We had an amazing time on our balloon tour! Gaston, the driver from Barcelona to the take-off site was very nice and even though he didn’t speak English very well, he was very hospitable and had a great sense of humor. John, our pilot, was incredible! He was super knowledgeable, professional, funny, and an excellent pilot. The entire crew made the experience so wonderful. I want to give a huge shout-out to Fernando, without his phone call to us as to why we needed to cancel our booking, we would have never had this amazing experience! Essentially, it was a google maps error as when we looked up the meeting point for the shuttle they offer, it pulled up a spot 45 mins outside of downtown Barcelona. Simply adding a “de” into the location did the trick and brought us to the actual shuttle pick up only a few blocks from our hotel in the Gothic quarter. Thank you so much to everyone, we are forever grateful for this bucket list experience.

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