From Antalya: Alanya Paragliding Experience with Beach Visit

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Experience the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of paragliding over picturesque Alanya. Fly high in the sky like a bird over Turkey’s southern coast, then when back on the ground, visit Cleopatra’s Beach. Book your From Antalya: Alanya Paragliding Experience with Beach Visit here.

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Experience Paragliding in Turkey

Book the From Antalya: Alanya Paragliding Experience with Beach Visit in advance! Imagine strapping into a paraglider. Picture soaring above Turkey’s southern coast. Envision an adventure with an instructor ensuring your safety. Visualize the unforgettable sensation of air travel, before gently landing on Cleopatra’s beach.

Start Your Journey in Antalya

Begin your journey in a comfortable car in Antalya. Travel to the nearby town of Alanya and its take-off site. Listen to a detailed safety briefing about the flight processes. Learn how to behave during the flight for a safe experience.

Take Off and Soar

Next, get attached to your instructor. Together, run toward the cliff edge. Suddenly, you’re airborne, flying like a bird. Relish the feeling of being in the air. Look down on Cleopatra’s Bay. Take in the surrounding mountains and trees.

Land and Relax

Land on the beach after your flight. Opt to purchase photos and videos of your experience. Enjoy some leisure time before your return transportation to Antalya.

Remember the Adventure

As you leave, take a moment to reflect on your adventure. Remember the thrill of the take-off, the beauty of the view, and the excitement of the landing. Carry these memories with you as you return to your daily life, knowing you’ve experienced something truly extraordinary.

Share Your Experience

Once you’re back home, don’t forget to share your experience with friends and family. Show them the photos and videos, tell them about the thrill of the flight and the beauty of the views. Encourage them to try it for themselves and create their own unforgettable memories.

Plan Your Next Adventure

After this exhilarating experience, you might find yourself craving more adventures. Start planning your next trip. Maybe another paragliding experience or perhaps something new? Whatever it is, remember the thrill of this flight and let it inspire your future adventures.

Embrace the Thrill

Paragliding is not just an activity, it’s a lifestyle. Embrace the thrill, the freedom, and the excitement that comes with it. Let it become a part of who you are and let it guide you in your future adventures. Remember, the sky is not the limit, it’s just the beginning.

Cherish the Moment

From Antalya: Alanya Paragliding Experience with Beach Visit: Every moment of this adventure, from the anticipation of take-off to the exhilaration of flight, is a memory to cherish. As you look back on your paragliding experience, let it serve as a reminder of your courage, your spirit of adventure, and your ability to soar above any challenge.

Keep Exploring

Don’t let this be the end of your adventures. Keep exploring, keep pushing your boundaries, and keep seeking new experiences. Whether it’s paragliding or another thrilling activity, never stop seeking the thrill of discovery and the joy of new experiences.

Live the Adventure

Paragliding is more than just a thrilling activity, it’s a way to live life to the fullest. It’s about embracing the unknown, taking risks, and finding joy in every moment. So, strap on your paraglider, take a leap of faith, and live the adventure that awaits you.

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Kızlar Pınarı, Anahtar Çk. No:2, 07460 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye

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Antalya (Province)

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3 reviews for From Antalya: Alanya Paragliding Experience with Beach Visit

  1. Marco – Germany (verified owner)

    Unique experience with very nice view and of course thrill. The pickup in Antalya was very luxurious and accurate to the minute. The ride was so fast and pleasant. The guides were very professional and provided a good atmosphere. Before the departure was made on the ride there still good mood and all motivated. Thanks to Mete for this unique experience! When we come back to Turkey, we will definitely see you again ✌

  2. Reine – Britain (verified owner)

    The guide picked me up on time and the driver was professional and knowledgeable about the various areas we drove through. I would rate the Paragliding 10/10!! I would like to thank the whole Smile paragliding team who were all so friendly but a special thanks to my pilot Mecit for such an amazing experience, I was quiet nervous to begin with but he kept checking on me and reassuring me! The views were captivating and he captured some beautiful pictures and videos that I will cherish forever! If your thinking of Paragliding – DO IT! It’s a once in a lifetime experience and I would highly recommend booking with Smile paragliding!

  3. Mahbir – Netherlands (verified owner)

    fantastic life changing experience! definitely pushed outside the comfort zone. highly recommended and professional company.

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