Franz Josef: Glacier Helicopter Ride with Snow Landing

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Soar above scenic snowy landscapes and enjoy unsurpassed views of Franz Josef Glacier on this epic helicopter tour. From a unique birds-eye perspective, admire views of some of New Zealand’s highest peaks, then stop for a once-in-a-lifetime snow landing. Book your Franz Josef: Glacier Helicopter Ride with Snow Landing here.

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Begin Your Journey

Book the Franz Josef: Glacier Helicopter Ride with Snow Landing in advance! Start your adventure by boarding the helicopter at the local partner’s base in Franz Josef. Prepare to ascend into the Southern Alps, New Zealand’s highest mountain range, where breathtaking views await.

Soar Across the Sky

As you soar across the sky, marvel at the spectacular ice pinnacles and crevasses of the Franz Josef Glacier. This journey will take you to the snow landing site.

Experience Unforgettable Views

Throughout the tour, immerse yourself in once-in-a-lifetime views. Witness snow-capped mountains, an ancient glacier, and some of New Zealand’s highest peaks.

Step onto the Snowy Landscape

Upon arrival at the landing site, take your first steps onto the snowy landscape. The sheer beauty of your surroundings will amaze you as you find yourself dwarfed by the size of this mountainous West Coast region.

Take in the Magic

Enjoy ample time to take photos and soak up this magical location. Then, board the helicopter for the return journey to the base.

Return Journey

As you descend back down across temperate rainforest, enjoy another view of this amazing and unique glacier formation. Finally, experience a safe landing back at base.

Reflect on the Experience

As you disembark from the helicopter, take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey you’ve just experienced. The memories of the stunning views and the thrill of the flight will stay with you long after you’ve returned to the base.

Share Your Adventure

Don’t forget to share your adventure with friends and family. The photos you’ve taken will serve as a reminder of the breathtaking beauty of the Southern Alps and the exhilarating helicopter ride.

Preserve the Memories

Preserve the memories of this unforgettable journey. Whether it’s through photos, videos, or simply sharing your experience with others, make sure this adventure stays with you forever.

Plan Your Next Adventure

Once you’ve had a taste of the thrill and beauty of the Southern Alps, you might find yourself planning your next adventure. Whether it’s another helicopter ride or a different adventure altogether, the world is full of amazing experiences waiting for you.

Embrace the Thrill

The thrill of the helicopter ride, the awe-inspiring views, and the feeling of stepping onto the snowy landscape are all part of this unforgettable adventure. Embrace these moments and carry them with you.

Discover New Perspectives

This journey offers new perspectives on the natural beauty of the Southern Alps. From the sky-high views to the intimate experience of the snowy landscape, discover the many facets of this stunning region.

Cherish the Experience

Every moment of this journey, from the initial helicopter ride to the landing on the snowy landscape, is an experience to cherish. These are the moments that make life truly exciting.

Explore the Unseen

Franz Josef: Glacier Helicopter Ride with Snow Landing – Exploring the unseen is a key part of any adventure. The helicopter ride offers a unique perspective on the Southern Alps, revealing hidden valleys and unseen peaks.

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Additional information

Address Information

29 Main Road, Franz Josef Glacier 7856, New Zealand

City Name

Franz Josef Town

Area Name

Westland District

Country Name

New Zealand

3 reviews for Franz Josef: Glacier Helicopter Ride with Snow Landing

  1. So – Hong Kong (verified owner)

    That’s really an amazing experience!

  2. Leon – Australia (verified owner)

    This was one of the most amazing experiences and the highlight of our big trip.

  3. Cheryl – Australia (verified owner)

    Amazing flight, all the staff and pilot were amazing. Beautiful day on the glacier. When I booked I booked this tour ait was listed as being wheelchair accessible which it was not. Fortunately we managed to get my 81 year old mother in the helicopter which I still can’t believe we did. Please be aware though that this is definitely not wheelchair accessible.

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