Dubai: Skydive with Dubai Desert Dropzone

See Dubai’s sandy dunes whilst falling from the sky at 120mph. Fly up to 13,000 feet before free-falling for nearly 60 seconds and feel an incredible adrenaline rush with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Book your Dubai: Skydive with Dubai Desert Dropzone here.

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Thrilling Freefall Experience

Experience the exhilaration of freefalling at a speed of 120 miles per hour. You’ll be securely harnessed to a professional instructor, ensuring your safety. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you won’t want to miss. Feel the wind rush past you as you plummet towards the earth with the Dubai: Skydive with Dubai Desert Dropzone experience.

Preparation and Safety Briefing

Arrive at the meeting point where our team will welcome you. An hour before your flight, you’ll meet your instructor. They will guide you through the process, provide a safety briefing, and demonstrate the optimal freefall body position. Your safety is our top priority. Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

Recording Your Experience

You’ll also meet your camera flyer. They will document your entire skydiving experience. These memories will last a lifetime. Relive the thrill anytime with your personal video.

The Ascent and Freefall

The plane ride up will take about 20 minutes. Once at 13,000 feet, you’ll be attached to your instructor for a final check before the thrilling exit from the aircraft. Experience nearly 60 seconds of pure adrenaline as you freefall. The rush is indescribable. It’s like nothing else on earth.

The Parachute Glide and Landing

Your parachute will be deployed at around 6,000 feet. Enjoy a peaceful 5-minute glide back to earth, taking in stunning views of Dubai’s sandy dunes. The serenity after the thrill is truly unique. It’s a moment of calm after the storm of excitement.

Post-Jump Perks

Your package includes digital photos and a professionally edited video of your jump. The entire Dubai: Skydive with Dubai Desert Dropzone experience lasts between 3 and 4 hours. Spectators are welcome to watch from below and can enjoy light refreshments at our onsite cafe. Share this unforgettable experience with your loved ones. Celebrate your achievement with friends and family at our cafe.

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