Dubai: Burj Khalifa Fountain Show and Burj Lake Ride

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See the lights of Dubai Mall Fountain Show on a cruise by traditional “abra” water taxi. Climb aboard the wooden boat on Burj Lake. Admire monuments such as the Burj Khalifa before you enjoy grandstand views of the illuminations. Book your Dubai: Burj Khalifa Fountain Show and Burj Lake Ride here.

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Experience the Dubai Mall Fountain Show

Book your Dubai: Burj Khalifa Fountain Show and Burj Lake Ride in advance and embark on a 30-minute journey by ‘abra’ water taxi and enjoy the Dubai Mall Fountain Show.

The World’s Tallest Performing Fountain

In the heart of Downtown Dubai, the Dubai Fountain captivates with its water, music, and light spectacle.

Over 900 Feet of Spectacle

Stretching over 900 feet (274 meters), the Dubai Fountain sits on the 30-acre (120,000 m2) Burj Lake and dances to various melodies.

A Cruise Past Iconic Monuments

Board the traditional wooden boat on Burj Lake and sail past the city’s iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, Souk Al Bahar, and Palace.

Admire the Stunning Skyline

From the water, marvel at the city’s breathtaking skyline before settling in for a grandstand view of the illuminations.

An Exclusive Perspective

With just 6 people per boat, enjoy an exclusive view of over 1,000 water expressions.

A Visual Spectacle

Witness the fountains come alive with 6,000 lights, 25 colored projectors, and 22,000 gallons (83,000 liters) of airborne water!

Stunning Choreography

Be left breathless by the stunning choreography of light and water synced to classical, Arabic, and world music.

Music That Touches the Soul

The melodies that the fountain dances to are not just heard, but felt deep within the soul.

A Dance Like No Other

The Dubai Fountain does not just perform, it dances in a way that leaves spectators spellbound.

A Night to Remember

This is not just a show, it’s an experience that promises to make your night unforgettable.

The Heart of Dubai

The Dubai Fountain, with its captivating performances, truly encapsulates the spirit of Dubai.

Embrace the Magic

As the lights dim and the music begins, embrace the magic that fills the air.

The Symphony of Lights

Every light that flickers and every spray of water is part of a grand symphony.

Under the Starlit Sky

Under the starlit sky, the Dubai Fountain shines brighter, etching a memory that lasts forever.

The Pulse of Dubai

Every beat of the music, every ripple in the water, echoes the vibrant pulse of Dubai.

An Unforgettable Spectacle

As the show concludes, you are left with an unforgettable spectacle imprinted in your heart.

A Symphony of Sensations

Every note of music, every shimmer of light, every splash of water combines to create a symphony of sensations.

A Celebration of Dubai’s Spirit

The Dubai Fountain is more than a show, it’s a celebration of the spirit of Dubai, a city that’s always reaching for the sky.

A Moment of Reflection

As the water dances and the lights twinkle, take a moment to reflect on the beauty of the world around us.

A Memory to Cherish

As the show ends and the lights dim, you’re left with a memory to cherish, a moment that will stay with you long after you’ve left the shores of Burj Lake.

A Promise of More

Dubai: Burj Khalifa Fountain Show and Burj Lake Ride: As you leave, the Dubai Fountain makes a silent promise – a promise of more magic, more beauty, more awe-inspiring moments in the future.

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3 reviews for Dubai: Burj Khalifa Fountain Show and Burj Lake Ride

  1. Sophie – Britain (verified owner)

    This was absolutely amazing! Well worth the money was amazing to experience the fountains from on the water

  2. Raschelle – Britain (verified owner)

    I was not expecting much, but did it as it was something to do. I was completely blown away. Such a magical experience, highly recommend.

  3. Claire – Britain (verified owner)

    It was very reasonably priced. Loved being so close to the fountains and having such a good view. A must if you’re visiting Dubai.

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