Davos: Pure Adrenaline Paragliding

You are an adrenaline junkie, love roller coasters rides and want to experience a special kick in the air? Then our adrenaline offer with freestyle and acrobatic manoeuvres is just right for you. Book your Davos: Pure Adrenaline Paragliding here.

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Your Paragliding Adventure

Book the Davos: Pure Adrenaline Paragliding activity in advance. Experience the thrill of a lifetime with our expert pilot. This isn’t just a ride, it’s a rollercoaster in the sky.

The Take-Off

Our journey begins at a breathtaking location. The take-off point, high in the Swiss Alps, offers views that are nothing short of stunning.

The Scenery

Below us lies Davos, a charming town nestled in the mountains. Its beauty is a sight to behold from high above.

The Flight

From the launch site, we make a beeline for the valley’s heart. Here, the real fun begins.

Freestyle and Acrobatics

We don’t just fly, we perform. Our pilot’s wild freestyle and acrobatic maneuvers will leave you breathless.

The Thrill

As we soar through the sky, the adrenaline rush is unparalleled. Every twist and turn brings a new wave of excitement.

The Serenity

But amidst the thrill, there’s a sense of peace. The world below seems to slow down, and all you can hear is the wind.

The Landing

As our journey concludes, we return to the ground. But the memories of this incredible adventure will stay with you forever.

Join Us

So why wait? Join us for a paragliding experience that you’ll never forget. It’s more than just a flight, it’s a journey of a lifetime.

The Experience

Paragliding is not just about the flight. It’s about the entire experience, from the anticipation at take-off to the satisfaction of a safe landing.

The View

From up above, you’ll see the world from a new perspective. The Swiss Alps and the town of Davos will look even more beautiful.

The Skill

Our expert pilot’s skillful maneuvers are a sight to behold. Each twist, turn, and dive is executed with precision and grace.

The Memory

Long after the flight is over, the memory of this incredible experience will remain. It’s an adventure that will stay with you for a lifetime.

The Adventure

Every moment of the paragliding journey is an adventure. From the moment you strap in, to the moment you touch down.

The Freedom

Up in the sky, you’ll experience a sense of freedom like no other. It’s just you, the sky, and the endless horizon.

The Excitement

Every dip, every rise, every turn brings a new wave of excitement. It’s a rollercoaster ride like no other.

The Joy

The joy of paragliding is indescribable. It’s something that needs to be experienced to be truly understood.

The Connection

Paragliding connects you with nature in a unique way. You’ll feel a part of the sky, the wind, and the world.

The Challenge

The Davos: Pure Adrenaline Paragliding experience is not just about the flight, it’s also about the challenge. Mastering the art of paragliding is a journey in itself.

The Achievement

Every successful flight is an achievement. It’s a testament to your courage, skill, and love for adventure.

The Invitation

We invite you to join us. Experience the thrill, the joy, and the freedom of paragliding. It’s an adventure you won’t want to miss.

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