Crete: Hot-Air Balloon Flight with Traditional Breakfast

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Fly in a hot-air balloon over the Cretan Mountains and awe at the breathtaking panoramas of the Lasithi Plateau. Enjoy a traditional Cretan breakfast and some sparkling wine after your flight. Book your Crete: Hot-Air Balloon Flight with Traditional Breakfast here.

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Embark on a Magical Balloon Journey

Ascend into the skies with a captivating hot-air balloon ride above Crete’s Lasithi plateau. Conclude with a delightful breakfast and a keepsake. Book the Crete: Hot-Air Balloon Flight with Traditional Breakfast now!

Convenient Transport Options

Opt for a hotel pickup service or meet at a designated point. A minivan escorts you to the launch site, selected based on optimal weather.

Join the Balloon Crew

Accompany a skilled balloon captain in a cozy basket. Engage with the crew in pre-flight preparations and absorb a comprehensive safety briefing.

Unforgettable Aerial Views

Crete: Hot-Air Balloon Flight with Traditional Breakfast – Experience the thrill of ascending serenely into the sky. Capture the moment with splendid panoramic snapshots of Crete’s landscape and the vast ocean.

Post-Flight Celebrations

After a smooth landing, a bus takes you to a local taverna. Toast your adventure with sparkling wine and savor a Cretan breakfast. Cherish your flight with a certificate and a memento.

Explore Cretan Hospitality

Dive into the warmth of Cretan culture. The taverna hosts are ready to indulge you with stories and local lore.

Seamless Adventure Planning

Every detail of your journey is carefully curated for your comfort and enjoyment, ensuring a stress-free adventure.

Eco-Friendly Skies

Our balloon rides respect the environment, offering a sustainable way to witness Crete’s beauty.

Personalized Flight Paths

The flight route is personalized each day, giving a unique experience to every traveler.

Memorable Group Experience

Whether with friends or family, share the joy of a group flight, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Cultural Insights from Above

Gaze upon ancient ruins and bustling villages, gaining a new perspective on the rich history and vibrant life of Crete.

Exclusive Aerial Tours

Our hot-air balloon tours offer exclusive access to breathtaking locations, often unseen by the average traveler.

Year-Round Adventures

No matter the season, our balloons soar, offering a different but always spectacular view of Crete’s changing landscapes.

Gift an Unforgettable Experience

Looking for a unique present? A hot-air balloon trip over Crete is a gift that will be remembered forever.

Photography Enthusiasts Dream

With the horizon as your canvas, capture the perfect sunrise, landscape, and the balloon’s own vibrant colors.

Safety as a Priority

Rest assured, your safety is our top priority, with expert pilots and meticulously maintained equipment.

Engage with Local Traditions

After your flight, partake in local customs and traditional Cretan festivities, if your visit coincides with town celebrations.

Expert Guidance

Our pilots are not just skilled aviators but also knowledgeable guides, ready to point out landmarks and tell tales of the land beneath.

A Toast to the Skies

Celebrate your ascent with a glass of fine Cretan wine upon landing, a perfect end to an extraordinary journey.

Community Connection

Part of your journey’s proceeds goes back into the local community, supporting sustainable tourism in Crete.

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Epar.Od. Neapolis – Chersonisou, Oropedio Lasithiou 720 52, Greece

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Heraklion Regional Unit

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3 reviews for Crete: Hot-Air Balloon Flight with Traditional Breakfast

  1. RISKWAIT – France (verified owner)

    Parfait en tout point, il manquait juste un guide français car nous avions du mal à comprendre lorsqu’il parlait de leurs traditions, et de leurs cultures

  2. Samuel – Australia (verified owner)

    An awesome experience that was well run with a very jovial, communicative captain who made us feel right at home. Highly recommend this experience!

  3. Jemma – Britain (verified owner)

    The whole thing was fantastic. The transport was punctual and comfortable and the guides were very friendly and knowledgeable. It was a very different experience to a jam-packed balloon that I’d been on previously, a lot more catered to the individual. I perhaps would have wanted us to be up in the air before it was light to properly watch the sunrise from the balloon but I think overall it was a better experience being up in the mountains as the sun was rising and getting to help set up the balloon. 10/10 experience. Would highly recommend. The breakfast afterwards was also wonderful at a very quaint place!

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