Canopy Zip line & Aerial Tram Tour

Combine the spectacular views of an aerial tram ride with the excitement of a zip line course on this outing that gives you high-altitude thrills in the jungle. Book your Canopy Zip line & Aerial Tram Tour here.

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Experience the Tranopy Tour

Embark on an innovative Tranopy tour. The Canopy Zip line & Aerial Tram Tour combines an in-depth forest view from an aerial tram and the thrill of a canopy tour.

Guided by a Professional Naturalist

A professional naturalist guide will be with you throughout the tour. They will reveal the secrets of the primary and secondary rainforest that envelops you.

Adventure and Nature in Harmony

This tour perfectly blends adventure and nature. It offers a tranquil observation of the surroundings from an aerial tram ride and the exhilarating action of a canopy tour.

An Unforgettable Experience

The Canopy Zip line & Aerial Tram Tour is an innovative concept that provides an unforgettable experience. You will see the forest from a perspective you’ve never seen before.

Learn About Flora and Fauna

With a specialist naturalist guide, you will learn about the diverse flora and fauna of the forest.

Soar Through the Treetops

Experience the thrill of soaring through the treetops on 10 cables and 15 platforms. This is the ultimate way to experience the forest.

Immerse Yourself in the Rainforest

Immerse yourself in the lush greenery and vibrant wildlife of the rainforest. The Tranopy tour offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature.

Safe and Exciting

The Tranopy tour is designed with safety in mind. Even as you soar through the treetops, you can be assured of your safety.

Perfect for All Ages

The Tranopy tour is perfect for all ages. Whether you’re an adventure junkie or a nature lover, this tour has something for everyone.

Experience the Tranopy Tour Firsthand

Don’t just read about it, experience the Tranopy tour firsthand. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you zip through the treetops and marvel at the beauty of the rainforest.

Connect with Nature

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Connect with nature on a deeper level with the Tranopy tour.

Book Your Tranopy Tour Today

Don’t miss out on this unique experience. Book your Tranopy tour today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Experience the Thrill

Experience the thrill of the Tranopy tour. Feel the wind in your hair and the rush of adrenaline as you zip through the treetops.

Discover the Rainforest

Discover the secrets of the rainforest. Learn about its diverse ecosystem and the unique species that call it home.

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit

Unleash your adventurous spirit with the Tranopy tour. It’s an adventure that you will remember for a lifetime.

Experience the Tranopy Tour Again

Once is never enough. Experience the Tranopy tour again and discover new secrets of the rainforest each time.

Bring Your Friends and Family

Share the thrill and excitement with your friends and family. The Tranopy tour is a great group activity.

Preserve the Rainforest

By participating in the Tranopy tour, you are also contributing to the preservation of the rainforest. It’s an adventure with a cause.

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Jaco, 5mins del centro; 3.5KMS al este del Maxi Pali 5 mins. from Jaco downtown; 3.5kms east of Maxi Pali, Provincia de Puntarenas, Jacó, Costa Rica

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Puntarenas Province

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Costa Rica


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