Bovec: Panoramic Zipline Tour

Fly in one of the biggest zipline parks in Europe and enjoy panoramic views of Bovec Valley. Book your Bovec: Panoramic Zipline Tour here.

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Meeting Point and Preparation

Welcome to the Bovec: Panoramic Zipline Tour: The meeting point is at the agency’s office, located in Bovec’s main square. Here, you’ll be guided through the necessary formalities. You’ll also receive essential equipment like a harness, helmet, and gloves. The team will ensure you’re comfortable with the gear before proceeding. This is to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the adventure. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, ready to assist you in any way possible. Their expertise and guidance will put you at ease, setting the stage for an exciting journey.

Journey to Krnica Valley

Next, you’ll enjoy a 20-minute scenic yet bumpy ride to Krnica Valley on Kanin Mountain. Upon arrival, the guides will brief you on safety protocols. They’ll answer any questions you may have, ensuring you feel safe and prepared. The journey itself is part of the adventure, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The ride is an adventure in itself, setting the tone for the thrilling experience ahead. The anticipation builds as you approach the zipline site, adding to the excitement of the adventure.

Beginning the Adventure

Before the real adventure begins, you’ll test your skills on a small zipline polygon. This is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the zipline mechanics. After that, you’ll fly on 5 wires, spanning over 3 kilometers in total. Each wire offers a unique experience and view, making each descent a new adventure. The guides will be with you every step of the way, ensuring your safety and enjoyment. The first zipline is just the beginning, with each subsequent wire offering a new perspective and thrill.

The Thrill of the Zipline

Your adrenaline will peak on the highest wire, soaring 200 meters above the ground. You’ll reach speeds up to 60 km/h during the zipline descents, all while enjoying panoramic views of Bovec Valley. The thrill of the speed combined with the breathtaking views makes for an unforgettable experience. It’s a unique way to experience the beauty of the valley. The sensation of flying and the stunning views will leave you in awe. The wind rushing past you, the ground far below, and the scenery rushing by is an experience like no other.

End of the Journey

At the end of the trip, a driver will be waiting for you at the last wire’s bottom. You’ll be dropped off at the office in Bovec city’s main square, marking the end of your thrilling adventure. You’ll leave with memories of the exhilarating ride and the stunning views, a truly unique experience to cherish. The Bovec: Panoramic Zipline Tour is an adventure that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and a deeper appreciation for the beauty of nature. As you reflect on your adventure, you’ll realize that it was not just about the thrill of the zipline, but also about the journey and the memories you created along the way. The sense of achievement, the thrill of the ride, and the beauty of the surroundings will stay with you long after the adventure is over.

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Trg golobarskih žrtev 19, 5230 Bovec, Slovenia

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Slovene Littoral

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