Berlin: Rooftop Breakfast at Käfer Restaurant Reichstag

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Enjoy a full breakfast at a unique venue with this reservation at Restaurant Käfer on the rooftop of Berlin’s Reichstag (parliament) building. Take in a bird’s-eye view of the city. Book your Berlin: Rooftop Breakfast at Käfer Restaurant Reichstag here.

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Experience Berlin’s Skyline

Book the Berlin: Rooftop Breakfast at Käfer Restaurant Reichstag in advance and secure your spot at the Käfer restaurant. It’s atop the Reichstag building, Germany’s parliament. Enjoy Berlin’s stunning views. This is the only parliament building with a public restaurant.

Dine at the Rooftop Restaurant

Enter the parliament building. Take your seat at the rooftop restaurant. Enjoy the views while savoring organic bread rolls, wholemeal bread, a danish pastry, and a croissant.

Savor the Breakfast Spread

Relish homemade jams and butter. There’s a selection of cheeses and different cold cuts.

Enjoy a Hearty Meal

Scrambled eggs from two organic eggs and fresh seasonal fruit salad are served. Choose between coffee or tea. After your meal, explore the glass dome. Audio guides are available free of charge.

Discover the Glass Dome

Post breakfast, take a tour of the glass dome. It’s a marvel of modern architecture. The audio guide provides interesting insights about the building’s history.

Wrap Up Your Visit

As you wrap up your visit, take a moment to appreciate the blend of history and modernity. The Reichstag building is a symbol of Germany’s past and its progressive present.

Take a Moment to Reflect

Reflect on the significance of the place. It’s not just a dining experience, but a journey through Germany’s political history.

Plan Your Next Visit

As you leave, consider planning your next visit. There’s always something new to discover at the Reichstag building.

Experience the Culinary Delights

Remember the culinary delights of the Käfer restaurant. The taste of organic bread rolls, wholemeal bread, and the danish pastry will linger.

Relive the Memory

Relive the memory of the stunning views of Berlin from the rooftop restaurant. The Reichstag building offers a unique blend of culinary and visual treats.

Cherish the Experience

Cherish the experience of dining at the world’s only parliament building with a public restaurant. It’s an experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Share Your Experience

Share your experience with friends and family. Encourage them to visit the Käfer restaurant for a unique dining experience.

Remember the View

Don’t forget the breathtaking view of Berlin’s skyline from the rooftop. It’s a sight that will stay with you long after your visit.

Revisit the History

Revisit the rich history of the Reichstag building. It’s a testament to Germany’s resilience and progress.

Embrace the Atmosphere

Embrace the unique atmosphere of the Käfer restaurant. It’s a blend of elegance, history, and culinary excellence.

Recommend the Experience

Recommend the Berlin: Rooftop Breakfast at Käfer Restaurant Reichstag experience to fellow travelers. It’s an experience not to be missed when visiting Berlin.

Marvel at the Architecture

Marvel at the architectural brilliance of the Reichstag building. Its glass dome is a symbol of transparency and openness.

Appreciate the Sustainability

Appreciate the sustainability efforts of the Käfer restaurant. From organic bread rolls to seasonal fruit salad, every dish is a testament to their commitment to the environment.

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3 reviews for Berlin: Rooftop Breakfast at Käfer Restaurant Reichstag

  1. Marie-Louise – Australia (verified owner)

    Excellent. Great breakfast and wonderful service and the Reichstag Dome was wonderful

  2. Steve – Britain (verified owner)

    This is a must while in Berlin , the breakfast is good, the view is fabulous and you get an audio tour of the done

  3. Lucie – United States (verified owner)

    We enjoyed the easy access and the views were wonderful. It was a very nice way to start our day.

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