Barcelona: Montserrat Hot-Air Balloon & Monastery Experience

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Enjoy the breathtaking views in a hot air balloon while observing Montserrat Mountains and celebrate it with champagne. Visit the basilica, the cornerstone of the Catalan culture, on a guided tour. Book your Barcelona: Montserrat Hot-Air Balloon & Monastery Experience here.

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Experience an exclusive hot air balloon ride near Montserrat mountain. Witness the unique needle-shaped formations that make it one of Catalonia’s most breathtaking landscapes. After your scenic flight Barcelona: Montserrat Hot-Air Balloon & Monastery Experience, visit the iconic monastery.

Flight Preparation

Begin your journey at the launch site. Participate in inflating the balloon. Once ready, embark on a spectacular 1-hour flight near the mountain and surrounding areas. Feel the wind in your hair as you ascend, and marvel at the stunning views below. The landscape unfolds beneath you, revealing a panorama that can only be appreciated from this unique vantage point.


After landing, celebrate your flight with a glass of cava. Toast to the magic of the land you’ve just flown over. Share stories of your adventure with fellow passengers as you relish in the shared experience. The camaraderie formed during this shared adventure adds to the joy of the experience.

Monastery Visit

Next, visit the renowned monastery. This nearly thousand-year-old structure is famous for housing La Moreneta, Catalonia’s patron saint. Explore its ancient halls, learn about its rich history, and pay respects to La Moreneta. The serene atmosphere of the monastery provides a stark contrast to the exhilaration of the balloon ride.


As your day concludes, reflect on the unforgettable experience. The combination of a thrilling hot air balloon ride Barcelona: Montserrat Hot-Air Balloon & Monastery Experience and a visit to a historic monastery offers a unique perspective on Catalonia’s beauty and heritage. As you leave, carry with you not just memories, but also a deeper appreciation for Catalonia’s rich cultural tapestry.

The History

The monastery has a rich history that spans nearly a millennium. Its walls have witnessed countless events and changes over the centuries.

The Patron Saint

La Moreneta, or the Black Madonna, is an esteemed figure in Catalonia. Her statue is a significant attraction for visitors and pilgrims alike.

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3 reviews for Barcelona: Montserrat Hot-Air Balloon & Monastery Experience

  1. Andreas – Austria (verified owner)

    Great experience and professional Organisation.

  2. Joakim – Norway (verified owner)

    Over all expectations with a 5/5 friendly crew that was very including and helpful.

  3. Erica – United States (verified owner)

    took my sister and I for this experience. so worth it! not long drive from barcelona and the view is amazing. we went in december, so there werent any other balloons in the air, but it was still beautiful

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