Baltimore: Baltimore & Annapolis Skyway Helicopter Tour

Witness the Chesapeake Bay’s splendor and explore two captivating Maryland cities in a single, picturesque tour. Admire the architectural wonders of Annapolis and the Inner Harbor of Baltimore from a breathtaking bird’s-eye perspective. Book your Baltimore: Baltimore & Annapolis Skyway Helicopter Tour here.

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Discover Maryland’s Charm

Embark on a journey through the skies of Baltimore and Annapolis. These cities are Maryland’s gems. Our tours offer a unique perspective. They are conducted in a Bell 206 Jet Ranger. This turbine jet-powered helicopter is climate-controlled. It can seat up to four passengers. We provide Bose noise-canceling headsets for your comfort. Book the Baltimore: Baltimore & Annapolis Skyway Helicopter Tour now!

Baltimore from Above

From the sky, you can see Fort McHenry. You will also see the Port of Baltimore and the Seagrit Marine Terminal. Look out for the Natty Boh Sign on top of the Natty Boh Tower. Patterson Park is another sight to behold. The Oriole Stadium at Camden Yards is a must-see. The Ravens Stadium at M&T Bank Stadium is another highlight. Mount Vernon in Baltimore is a sight to behold. The Inner Harbor is a bustling hub. The Baltimore Aquarium is a popular attraction. The Under Armour World Headquarters is a modern marvel. The iconic Domino Sugar Sign is a city landmark. The USS Constellation and the USS Torsk are historic ships. Locus Point offers a panoramic view. The Key Bridge is a feat of engineering. The Fort Carroll Sanctuary is a haven for wildlife. The Johns Hopkins Bayview Campus is a center of learning.

Annapolis and Beyond

Venice on the Bay is a picturesque spot. Bayside Beach is a tranquil retreat. Gibson Island is a natural paradise. The Magothy River and the Severn River are scenic waterways. The U.S. Naval Academy is a prestigious institution. The Navy Stadium is a sports hub. The Annapolis Marina is a boating paradise. The Maryland State House is a historic site. Lighthouses dot the coastline. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is a marvel of engineering.

Cherishing the Moments

Every moment of this journey is a memory in the making. From the moment you buckle up to the moment you touch down, it’s an experience filled with awe and wonder. The sights, the sounds, the feeling of flying – it’s something you’ll cherish forever.

Sharing the Experience

Baltimore: Baltimore & Annapolis Skyway Helicopter Tour – Share this unique experience with your loved ones. Whether it’s a special occasion or just a day out, it’s an adventure that’s meant to be shared. Seeing their faces light up as they take in the sights – it’s a moment you’ll treasure.

A New Perspective

Seeing these cities from the sky gives you a new perspective. It’s a reminder of how beautiful our world is. It’s a reminder of the wonders that await us if we just look up. So come, join us on this journey and see the world from a new angle.

Experience the Thrill

Feel the thrill as you ascend into the sky. The helicopter’s rotor blades whirring above you. The ground recedes as you rise higher. The cities of Baltimore and Annapolis spread out below you. It’s a sight that will take your breath away.

Unforgettable Journey

This is more than just a tour. It’s an unforgettable journey through the skies. You’ll see the cities as you’ve never seen them before. From the historic landmarks to the modern marvels, it’s a view that will stay with you long after the tour is over.

End of the Tour

As the tour comes to an end, you’ll descend back to the ground. But the memories of the sights you’ve seen will stay with you. This is more than just a tour. It’s an experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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