Assisi: Hot Air Balloon Ride with Breakfast & Wine Tasting

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Join this tour and take a beautiful hot air balloon ride over the Assisi region. See villages surrounded by vineyards from above. Breakfast and wine tasting is included in this experience. Book your Assisi: Hot Air Balloon Ride with Breakfast & Wine Tasting here.

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Experience Assisi from Above

Embark on a journey Assisi: Hot Air Balloon Ride with Breakfast & Wine Tasting over the Assisi valley in a hot air balloon. Land in the renowned town of Saint Francis, a place steeped in history. The landscape is adorned with ancient villages, vineyards, and olive groves, offering a visual and spiritual feast.

The Journey Begins

Start your adventure at a local winery. You can either stroll through the olive groves or take a short minibus ride to the launch site. Once there, you’ll receive a safety briefing before boarding the hot air balloon.

The Flight

Your pilot, one of the most experienced in the world, will guide your balloon into the sky. As you ascend, feel the thrill and capture the unfolding beauty of the landscape below.

The Landing

After an hour in the air, experience a gentle landing and return to solid ground. But the fun doesn’t stop there.

The Celebration

Back at the winery, indulge in a hearty Umbrian-style breakfast. If you’re open to it, sample some of their excellent wines before noon.

Exploring the Winery

After your flight, take a tour of the winery. Learn about the process of winemaking, from the cultivation of grapes to the bottling of the final product. Discover the secrets behind the rich flavors and aromas of Umbrian wines.

The Olive Groves

Next, wander through the olive groves. Witness the age-old tradition of olive harvesting and oil production. The groves, with their gnarled trunks and silvery leaves, are a sight to behold.

The Local Cuisine

As part of your breakfast, savor local delicacies made from fresh, regional ingredients. The flavors of Umbria come alive in dishes like truffle pasta and porchetta sandwiches.

A Memorable Experience

This hot air balloon ride Assisi: Hot Air Balloon Ride with Breakfast & Wine Tasting over Assisi is more than just a flight. It’s an immersive experience that offers a unique perspective of this beautiful region and its rich heritage.

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3 reviews for Assisi: Hot Air Balloon Ride with Breakfast & Wine Tasting

  1. Joy – United States (verified owner)

    We loved everything about this excursion , the hot air ballon ride was awesome, but so was the breakfast and wine tasting. Would highly recommend this experience .

  2. Igor – Croatia, Republic of (verified owner)

    A wonderful experience. The whole family enjoyed it. Umbria from the air is unsurpassed. Above all, professional staff with a pilot infuse an absolute sense of security. Excellent breakfast. I definitely recommend it

  3. Deb – Germany (verified owner)

    This was a spectacular adventure! I highly recommend it. The Ballon ride was awesome and we enjoyed a lovely breakfast overlooking the vineyards after we landed.

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