Antalya: Ziplining & Rafting & Jeep Tour & Quad Safari

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This full-day experience will take you to a joy of an incredible off-road adventure with options for combinations of Jeeps, a rafting session, a zip line experience, a buggy, and a quad bike. Book your Antalya: Ziplining, Rafting, Jeep Tour & Quad Safari w/Lunch here.

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Antalya: Ziplining & Rafting & Jeep Tour & Quad Safari: Experience the beauty of Turkey’s landscapes on a variety of tour options. These include a 14 KM trail featuring ziplining and rafting.

Starting Point

Your day begins at an ancient bridge. This is near the start of the rafting point. Your guide will accompany you. You can take photos at the site. The bridge, a relic of the past, adds a touch of history to your adventure. It’s a reminder of the rich heritage that Turkey possesses. The bridge also offers a picturesque view of the surrounding landscape. The serene environment sets the tone for the adventure that lies ahead. The ancient bridge stands as a testament to the passage of time, adding a sense of wonder to your journey. The bridge, with its weathered stones and timeless charm, is a sight to behold.

Rafting and Ziplining

Antalya: Ziplining & Rafting & Jeep Tour & Quad Safari: Embark on a 14 KM rafting journey. It includes 10 sections of rapids. There are breaks for swimming. Then, experience the thrill of ziplining. Instructors will guide you about its features and safety. Feel the adrenaline rush as you zip through the air and navigate the rapids. The cool water splashing against you adds to the exhilarating experience. The sound of rushing water and the sight of the lush greenery will make your heart race. The thrill of conquering the rapids will leave you feeling accomplished. The rafting and ziplining experience is designed to push your limits and offer an unforgettable adventure. The rush of the river and the thrill of the zipline will leave you breathless.

Additional Adventures

Further adventures depend on the tour option you choose. You can drive a Jeep through dust and rocky paths. Or, ride a buggy on a mountain trail. You can also opt for only the buggy ride. Each option offers a unique way to explore Turkey’s diverse terrain. The dust trails left by the Jeep and the sound of the buggy engine add to the thrill. The feeling of the wind in your hair as you navigate the terrain is truly liberating. The rugged paths challenge you, making the adventure even more exciting. These additional adventures offer a chance to experience the raw beauty of Turkey’s landscapes. The thrill of the ride and the beauty of the surroundings make for an unforgettable experience.

Return and Memories

Finally, you’ll return to your hotel (if chosen). Expect photos from your adventurous day. They will be delivered to your hotel. These memories, captured in photos, will serve as a reminder of your exciting journey through Turkey’s stunning landscapes. Every time you look at them, you’ll be transported back to this unforgettable adventure. These photos will be a testament to your adventurous spirit and love for exploration. They will serve as a memento of the thrilling adventure you embarked on in the beautiful landscapes of Turkey. The photos capture the essence of your journey, making them a precious keepsake. These photos, filled with the excitement and joy of the day, will be a cherished souvenir of your adventure in Turkey.

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Bozyaka, 07550 Manavgat/Antalya, Türkiye

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Antalya (Province)

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3 reviews for Antalya: Ziplining & Rafting & Jeep Tour & Quad Safari

  1. Prajwal Raj – Britain (verified owner)

    Nothing to complain at all, the entire experience was very satisfying and memorable .

  2. Andy – Britain (verified owner)

    Great set of activities the water was a ton of fun and the lunch included was great. a lot of little extras to pay for like water resistant clothes and photos but overall would highly recommend

  3. Anonymous – Britain (verified owner)

    The activity was very veryyy excellent. Hajjar was our captain and we had loads of fun from the jeep safari to rafting to buggy ride. Honestly would recommend this to anyone and make sure you have HAJJAR has your captain you would have Fun Romeo and Omar was also funny and amazing

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