Aletsch Arena: Paragliding Tandem Flight Basic

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Experience the dream of flying on a paragliding tandem flight!
Enjoy the ultimate liberating experience with us in the Aletsch Arena and feel free. Book your Aletsch Arena: Paragliding Tandem Flight Basic here.

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Meeting Your Tandem Paragliding Pilot

Your adventure Aletsch Arena: Paragliding Tandem Flight Basic begins in Fiesch. Here, you’ll meet your tandem paragliding pilot. Together, you’ll journey to the starting place. This could be by bus or gondola.

Getting Equipped for the Flight

Upon arrival, your pilot will provide you with a harness and a helmet. A brief instruction follows. Then, it’s time to take a few steps down the mountain.

The Flight

And just like that, you’re flying! You can lean back in the harness and take in the stunning view of the Aletsch Arena. The flight lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Landing Safely

You’ll land safely at the designated landing field. Your pilot ensures a smooth touchdown.

Memories to Last a Lifetime

During the flight, your pilot captures pictures and videos. These are available for purchase after the flight. They serve as a wonderful reminder of your paragliding experience.

Embracing the Adventure

Paragliding is more than just a flight. It’s an adventure that begins the moment you step into the shop. Every moment is part of the journey.

The Preparation

Getting equipped for the flight is a thrilling process. The harness and helmet are not just equipment, but symbols of the adventure that awaits.

The Freedom of Flight

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of flying. The freedom, the exhilaration, the peace – it’s an experience like no other.

The Beauty of Aletsch Arena

From high above, you’ll see the Aletsch Arena in all its glory. It’s a view that few get to experience, and one you’ll never forget.

The Joy of Landing

Landing brings a sense of accomplishment. You’ve flown with the birds, seen the world from above, and returned to tell the tale.

Reliving the Experience

Aletsch Arena: Paragliding Tandem Flight Basic doesn’t end with the landing. Every time you look at your photos and videos, you’ll be back in the sky, reliving that incredible experience.

The Thrill of Takeoff

Takeoff is a rush of adrenaline. With each step, you feel lighter until you’re lifted into the air. It’s a moment of pure exhilaration.

The Serenity of Soaring

Once airborne, serenity takes over. The world falls away, leaving only you and the sky. It’s a moment of peace amidst the thrill of flight.

The Majesty of the Aletsch Arena

Below you, the Aletsch Arena unfolds in a stunning panorama. Its beauty is magnified from this bird’s-eye view. It’s a sight that will be etched in your memory forever.

The Anticipation of Landing

As the ground approaches, anticipation builds. You look forward to landing, but part of you wishes you could stay in the air forever.

The Satisfaction of a Safe Landing

Touching down brings a sense of satisfaction. You’ve taken to the skies and returned safely. It’s an achievement to be proud of.

The Joy of Memories

After the flight, you have more than just memories. You have photos and videos that capture every moment. They’re keepsakes that will bring joy for years to come.

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