Albuquerque: Rio Grande Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride

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Enjoy a spectacular hot air balloon adventure over the Rio Grande Valley. Imagine experiencing the Rio Grande Valley while peacefully flying in a first class hot air balloon. Book your Albuquerque: Rio Grande Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride here.

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Start Your Adventure

The adventure Albuquerque: Rio Grande Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride begins at the launch site, where you have the opportunity to become a hands-on crew member. You can assist with the inflation of the balloon, a process that is both fascinating and educational. If you prefer, you can simply sit back and observe, capturing photographs as the balloon gradually takes shape and comes to life.

Lift-Off and Enjoy the View

Once the balloon is ready, it’s time for lift-off. This is where your unique journey truly begins. As you ascend into the sky, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the Rio Grande Valley. From this vantage point, you can wave to earthbound folks below and feel a sense of serenity and peace as you float above the world.

Guided by Certified Pilots

Your flight will be navigated by certified pilots who prioritize your safety and enjoyment. Throughout your 1-hour Albuquerque: Rio Grande Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride in the sky, your pilot will be available to answer any questions you might have about ballooning or the sights you’re seeing. They’ll also identify local points of interest, making your flight both enjoyable and informative.

Flight Duration

While the actual time in the air is approximately 60 minutes, it’s important to plan for up to 3.5 hours for your entire ballooning experience. This includes pre-flight preparations, the flight itself, and post-flight activities.

Post-Flight Activities

After landing, the chase crew will meet you at the landing site. These are the people who have been following the balloon while you were flying. You’ll have the opportunity to help pack up the balloon if you wish, which is another hands-on experience that many passengers find rewarding.

Celebrate Your Flight

Once everything is packed up, you’ll board a van and head back to the launch site. Here, you’ll participate in a celebratory toast to end your safe and memorable adventure. This is a time-honored ballooning tradition that serves as a perfect conclusion to your journey.

Commemorate Your Aeronautical Experience

Finally, as a memento of your aeronautical experience, you will be presented with a flight certificate and a balloon flight pin. These keepsakes will serve as a reminder of your adventure in the sky. And of course, don’t forget to bring your camera so you can capture memories of this incredible experience.

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3 reviews for Albuquerque: Rio Grande Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride

  1. April – United States (verified owner)

    Khris was the perfect guide. The ride was amazing. A little crowded so if you want the ride more private be sure to book for that. 10/10 will go again!

  2. Heather – United States (verified owner)

    Damien and crew made set up, flying, and ending a great experience.

  3. Pierre – France (verified owner)

    Great time with the Rainbow Riders Ballooning is a must and needs be done once in a lifetime, I am glad we did it in Albuquerque. Loved it and wich it could have lasted longer

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